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OneGoal Honors Chicago School Leaders at Fifth Annual Partner Appreciation Breakfast

Chicago Public Schools Chief Education Officer LaTanya McDade delivered the keynote address

CHICAGO (March 27, 2018) — OneGoal recently honored local educational partners at its Fifth Annual Partner Appreciation Breakfast at Northern Trust. Capt. Yashika Tippett-Eggleston, principal at Air Force Academy High School, and the team at Wilbur Wright College – City College of Chicago received the Outstanding Secondary and Postsecondary Partner Awards.

“As educators, we know that a high school diploma isn’t enough and college enrollment is only half the battle,” said LaTanya McDade, chief education officer for Chicago Public Schools. “You have to graduate with a degree and the persistence work that OneGoal does is what sets them apart.”

This unique event, brought together high school leaders, teachers, students as well as leaders from postsecondary institutions, and CPS administrators to celebrate the potential of all students and to recognize OneGoal’s secondary and postsecondary partners throughout Chicago.

“College success starts in high school with excellent teachers and school leaders who create an affirming, college-going culture. But postsecondary institutions also play an incredibly important role in supporting first-generation students to find their footing and succeed in their schools.” said Sarah Berghorst, Executive Director, OneGoal – Chicago. “OneGoal is proud to partner with secondary and postsecondary institutions to ensure we support students through the critical transition years and ensure all CPS students realize their postsecondary dreams.”

OneGoal’s three-year model includes a credit-bearing class during students’ junior and senior years of high school. Once the students, known as Fellows, enter college, teachers known as Program Directors help students bridge the transition from high school to college by providing one-on-one intensive, remote coaching through the first day of the students’ sophomore year of college.

“The OneGoal work helped me sort my priorities, and choose the perfect college fit for me,” said Alexia Martinez, a senior at Crane Medical Preparatory School. “I knew I was going to feel welcome when I first met my teacher Mr. Howard. He really helped me shape my views of college and helped guide me with my search for who I truly am. He always helped me when my GPA was slipping, and knew the exact words of encouragement I needed.”

Locally, OneGoal partners with 74 high schools and will reach 6,200 students by the end of the school year. Additionally, OneGoal works with 17 postsecondary institutions throughout the Chicagoland area to bring the teacher-led, proven model to the communities that need it the most.

About OneGoal
OneGoal makes college graduation a reality for all students. We collaborate closely with public schools in low-income communities, providing teachers with a robust curriculum, technology, training and coaching to implement our three-year model with a group of 25 students (called Fellows) per cohort. Teachers (called Program Directors) support the same group of Fellows beginning in their junior year of high school and bridge the gap through their first year of college. In communities where students typically have a 22% chance of graduating from college, 82% of OneGoal Fellows are enrolling in college and 78% are persisting in college or have graduated. OneGoal works in Chicago, Houston, Massachusetts, Metro Atlanta, New York and recently expanded to the Bay Area.

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