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Commitment to Change

In The Nation's Largest School District

In New York City, the disparity in college degree attainment between high-income background students and low-income background students is vast due to systemic injustices and failures. New York City is the largest school district in the country, serving 1.1 million students – including over 300,000 high school students in more than 400 high schools, but only 17% of New York City Department of Education 9th graders from low-income backgrounds have obtained an associates or bachelors degree six years following high school graduation These local statistics and current reality fuel our sense of injustice and commitment to change.

“I would recommend OneGoal for the same reasons I chose it in the first place: it builds capacity for postsecondary success using schools' existing resources, leveraging the expertise that already exists in the school community, and supporting and deepening pre-existing relationships between students and staff.”

Erica Doyle

Vanguard High School

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Build Capacity for
Postsecondary Success

Join fellow New York educators for workshops on how you can support your students. Choose the workshops that interest you most and earn CTLE credit hours if you’re in New York State.

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Poised for Growth

We started serving students in the fall of 2015 and are growing quickly thanks to our ability to deliver outcomes at an affordable cost. We continue to expand to new high school and postsecondary partners across New York’s five boroughs. Follow the links below to help fuel our expansion.

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Local Impact

We have closed the enrollment gap and made meaningful progress toward closing the graduation gap. In New York, 88% of OneGoal high school graduates enroll in a postsecondary institution and 77% of those persist in their education one year after high school graduation.

Meet Alaina

“I have seen the impact of how postsecondary planning in high school can impact career trajectories and possibilities in the future. I know the powerful impact of a network of caring adults working together, centered on student success. I want that for my family and all students.”

Alaina Harper
New York Executive Director

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