OneGoal Program

We partner with districts and high schools in low-income communities to ensure postsecondary planning, preparation, and support aren’t treated as extracurricular activities, but as integral components of the high school experience for all students. Our results show that this enables more students to enroll and graduate from postsecondary programs.

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“Our national higher-education system clearly needs serious reform. But while we’re figuring out how to accomplish those reforms, we need to do a lot more right now to help students succeed in the system as it exists today. OneGoal is one of the best models I’ve seen for providing that help.”

Paul Tough

Author + NYT Magazine Contributor

Our Differentiators

Our Student Profile is Unique

OneGoal students (Fellows) have postsecondary ambitions but face compounding challenges that limit their options. Our cohorts have an average 2.86 GPA (or 83.6%), 94% of Fellows identify as people of color, and 69% identify as first-generation postsecondary students.

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We are Flexible

Our model can be tailored to individual schools’ specific needs, and is accessible to Fellows wherever they are: in person, remote at home, and on their phone.

We Bridge High School + College

Our three-year model starts as a credit-bearing class during students’ junior year of high school. OneGoal then bridges the transition to a Fellow’s chosen postsecondary path by continuing individualized support for a full year after high school.

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We Leverage Educator Expertise

Each OneGoal Program Director and cohort is supported by OneGoal staff who provide ongoing coaching and training. Program Directors contextualize lessons and help students identify paths to success, build resilience while navigating inequitable systems, and enroll in their choice of postsecondary institution.

Culturally Relevant Teaching

Grounded in Culturally Relevant Pedagogy – a framework focusing on social justice, equity, and multicultural education – our curriculum and training create an environment where Fellows grow academically and identify postsecondary paths aligned to their personal aspirations.

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Components of the Classroom Experience

The curriculum, training, and resources that comprise OneGoal’s model are continuously reviewed to ensure we’re keeping up with educational research and best practices, and utilizing the data and feedback we’ve collected over more than a decade of implementation. Highlights of our model include:

  • Relationships: Fellows are guided through our program by a Program Director who supports their long-term ambitions and all the day-to-day tasks required to achieve them. Each OneGoal class (cohort) grows to support and lean on each other.
  • Pillars of Fellow Success: We’ve done extensive research to identify the social-emotional domains that are most critical to success in college and beyond. These Pillars of Fellow Success are woven throughout our curriculum.
  • Support in the Postsecondary Process: While supporting Fellows to decide what they will pursue after high school, our model intentionally focuses on GPA growth, test preparation, and personal statements to ensure students will be able to compete for a spot in the institution best aligned to their dreams and needs.
  • Customized Data Infrastructure: Our proprietary technology and platforms provide Program Directors and Fellows with real-time feedback on their progress towards their goals.
  • High-Quality College Options: We work closely with postsecondary institutions that are committed to supporting students of color and first-generation college students, and have higher-than-average completion rates. Together, we provide cohesive student support, collaborate on new innovations, and develop retention strategies.

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