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As postsecondary enrollment rates continue to drop across the country, systems leaders are grappling with how to close equity gaps by increasing college and career opportunities for students. Building on the success we’ve had working with students, educators, and system leaders for 15 years, OneGoal created a leadership network developed specifically for school and district leaders.

Together, we can reimagine postsecondary leadership in your district—and take outcomes to the next level. Join a supportive community of experts and peers. Assess your district’s readiness. Define a path to high-impact improvements that’s tailored to your needs. And move forward with expert guidance—every step of the way. The end result is system-level improvements that lead to better student outcomes.

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If you’ve already connected with our team and are ready to complete your application, get started now. Note that individuals completing the application should be the leaders at the district and school level responsible for decisions regarding postsecondary readiness.

What Our Districts Say

You play a critical role in improving students’ futures. We’re here to help.

How it Works

Intended Outcomes



Leaders acquire new knowledge and skills critical to advancing postsecondary readiness

Org-Wide Improvements


Districts and schools strengthen their overall postsecondary readiness



High expectations and collective responsibility become part of postsecondary culture

Postsecondary Readiness


Clear gains in college and career readiness metrics for current students

Enrollment + Persistence


Improved postsecondary enrollment and persistence of alumni students

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Timeline to

Systems-Level Change

When you join the OneGoal Leadership Network you’ll embark on a three-year year path to improvement. Our experts assess your district’s postsecondary readiness, engage leadership through a supportive community of peers and experts, and guide you every step of the way.

Year 1

Assessment + Planning

  • Conduct initial district needs assessment diagnostic
  • Analyze postsecondary data for current students + alumni
  • Codify vision, plan, goal + strategies for district improvement
  • Align priorities with existing postsecondary structures, partnerships, + initiatives


Year 2

Tailored Supports

  • Collect evidence + data linked to system-level changes
  • Monitor progress + analyze equity trends
  • Implement strategies + action steps
  • Focus on course access, advising, + postsecondary leadership teams

Year 3

Sustainability Planning

  • Develop new priority focus areas + indicators
  • Identify systems + funding for sustainability
  • Focus on institutional partnerships + career learning pathways
  • Lay groundwork to support + scale success

Our Approach to Leadership Coaching


We prioritize solutions that ensure students, regardless of demographics, are able to realize their postsecondary aspirations, whether pursuing a college degree, trade program, or other postsecondary pathway.


We listen to leaders to build trust and align with their strategic priorities, allowing us to focus our approach and address each school and district’s diverse needs towards postsecondary planning and solutions.


We build and implement strong data collection systems that lead to insights and inform tailored strategies specific to your district.


We aim for our work to feel locked in step with your existing systems, establishing strategies that create long-lasting positive impact while honoring your team’s capacity and workload.

Our Impact

We’ve worked with districts of all sizes to strengthen their overall postsecondary readiness. Learn how our coaches help partners define a path to high-impact improvements.

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Our Coaching Team

While your district works directly with a single OneGoal coach, you’re accessing a deep network of diverse leadership and expertise. Our coaching team’s strategic insights are fueled from extensive hands-on experience as former school and district leaders.

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Webinar Recording

OneGoal Leadership Network Overview

Learn how your district can create equitable system-level change and grow student access to strong college and career planning resources through the OneGoal Leadership Network.

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Webinar Recording

Discover District-Level Postsecondary Solutions

To ensure student success, districts must establish a vision for postsecondary support. When they build a vision for postsecondary support that permeates the entire district — including administrators, school leaders, teachers, community members, students, and more — real impact happens.

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How does the application process work?


Districts complete the application process in three steps:

Step 1
Application + Selection

  • OneGoal engages in interest conversations with potential partners
  • Interested districts apply
  • OneGoal reviews applications
  • Application Review meetings scheduled

Step 2
Application Review + Partners Announced

  • Application Review meetings held with interested districts
  • OneGoal and districts discuss partner expectations, time commitments
  • Districts confirm partnership leadership team
  • District-level MoUs are signed
  • Partners Announced

Step 3
Program Launch

  • Partnership Launch meetings held with each district to discuss shared vision and hopes for partnership
  • Rubric assessment training with key stakeholders is scheduled
  • Monthly coaching sessions begin
  • First postsecondary school improvement collaborative session is held
  • District level goal-setting conversations

How does this fit into my district’s strategic plan?


We are not here to create new work for you. Rather, our team helps leaders organize, strengthen, and create coherence across their existing postsecondary readiness work. Our coaching team of former school and district leaders has sat in your seat and know how to provide thought partnership and collaboration to help focus and elevate your work.

What district and school level roles are typically part of this work?


Typically, we work with principals, assistant principals, counselors and district level leaders such as Assistant Superintendents, Executive Directors/Directors of Secondary or Student Services.

What are the time commitments?


We generally ask teams for a commitment of approximately four hours per month to meet with our coaching team and another 2-3 hours every other month to participate in our cross-district communities of practice spaces. Zoom fatigue is real and so our team is committed to showing up in person to ~50% of touchpoints.

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