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Every young person should have an equitable opportunity to achieve their greatest postsecondary aspirations. We’ve created tools and partnered with organizations across the country to make sure students like you enroll, persist, and graduate from their chosen postsecondary pathways.

3 Things for FAFSA

1. Who is eligible for federal financial aid?

All US citizens and permanent residents who are enrolled in an eligible program at an eligible college/career/trade school. For more eligibility requirements, see the Federal Student Aid website. If you are a student without a social security number, see our guidance on applying for state aid.

2. What is the first step I need to take to complete the FAFSA?

You need to create your FSA ID for yourself and your contributors. You can use this FSA guide to help you to create your ID, and utilize this checklist as you complete your FAFSA. If your contributor does not have a social security number, visit the Federal Student Aid website to learn how to submit your FAFSA. If you haven’t already, fill out FAFSA as soon as possible to ensure that you get the maximum amount of financial aid ahead of this school year.

3. I’ve already submitted my FAFSA. Now what?

Review your submission summary and create edits as needed. See this helpful guide! You might start receiving award letters from your institutions. If you are waiting on award letters, many colleges are being flexible with deadlines, so advocate for yourself by asking for more time to make an enrollment decision! Make sure to contact your OneGoal Program Director and school counselors, and spend time with your family comparing your award letters. You can also use this digital tool to compare your award letters.


If you need more support, OneGoal is here for you! Please contact your OneGoal Program Director for support.


I can’t access my OneGoal email and accounts. How can I get support?


If you don’t remember your password, try to log in with your email, and then click “Forget your password” and answer the security questions. Reminder: your email is likely in the format of [email protected].

If you’re still having trouble, please contact your Program Director (PD) first for support.

Can OneGoal help me pay my tuition?


We offer an Enrollment Grant to support OneGoal students in their postsecondary journeys via funding for supplies, housing, books or other post secondary program expenses. You can find more information on the Enrollment Grant page.

Unfortunately, we do not have grants available for students who are not part of the OneGoal program. However, we recommend the following resources for potential scholarship opportunities:

How do I apply for OneGoal’s Enrollment Grant?


Our Enrollment Grant supports OneGoal students in their postsecondary journeys via funding for supplies, housing, books or other post secondary program expenses. You can find more information on the Enrollment Grant page.

Can OneGoal sponsor my project or organization?


If you are looking to receive financial sponsorship from OneGoal for a project or organization (e.g., podcast, startup), we are not able to provide funding since we are a nonprofit organization.

Can OneGoal help me find a postsecondary program?


Our organization supports students from specific high schools and districts with postsecondary and career preparation starting in the 11th grade. We work with our students to identify their best-fit pathway based on their unique needs. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide specific guidance on individual postsecondary programs.

Still Need Support?

Please follow these instructions:

  • If you are a Y1 or Y2 Fellow, log into Canvas to ask your question or follow up with your Program Director.
  • If you are a high school graduate, please contact your Program Director.

For OneGoal Fellows

Beyond 12


Free college coaching.

Best for: Anyone enrolled or intending to enroll at a 2- or 4-year college looking to connect with a professionally-trained, recent college graduate who will serve as your personal coach during your next two years of college.

Eligibility: Class of 2023 (current Y3s)

Contact Destiny Saldivar for additional information.

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Enrollment Grant


Money to help you achieve your postsecondary aspirations.

Best for: Anyone facing a financial barrier to enrolling in your college or technical degree.

Eligibility: Fellows from the Class of 2023 or earlier.



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For All Students

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