What Root Causes Prevent Students

From Completing Their Postsecondary Paths?

While many postsecondary access and success programs successfully support students to enroll in a degree or credential program after high school, completion rates of students from low-income communities continue to lag far behind their high-income peers.

OneGoal designed and executed a qualitative study to understand the underlying causes behind students not completing their postsecondary pathway. We focused on two research questions:

  1. What is the root cause of student stopout?
  2. Why do students who stop out return to complete their degree/credential?

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What are the Root Causes Preventing Students from Completing a Degree?

Hear from first-generation students about their experiences, learn about our research findings, and how OneGoal is leveraging this analysis learnings to better support students on their pathways to degree completion. You will also hear directly from OneGoal alumni, who will share their experiences with navigating their postsecondary pathways.

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Community Perspective

Daranee Teng, OneGoal Director of Program Learning, gives a rare behind-the-scenes look at her research process. Daranee explains the intention behind the study, the challenges of conducting qualitative research with OneGoal alums, and how the research process and subsequent findings are informing program innovations.

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