Discover District-Level Postsecondary Solutions


Students from low- and high-income communities aspire to earn a degree or equivalent credential at similar rates. However, too many students—the vast majority of whom are students of color—are left to confront economic, academic, and social barriers that make it almost impossible to achieve their greatest postsecondary ambitions.

At OneGoal, we know that district-level postsecondary vision-setting is critical to supporting student success. When districts build a shared vision for postsecondary support that permeates throughout the entire district—including administrators, school leaders, teachers, community members, students, and more—real impact happens.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How can districts build a shared vision for students’ postsecondary success?
  • What tools can be used to reach your vision?
  • What have OneGoal districts and coaches learned from their experience?

Learn from Chad Luhman and Shelby Cameron from OneGoal partner district Danville Independent Schools, alongside OneGoal Senior Director of Partnerships + Growth Jeron Schmidt and Postsecondary Leadership Coach Kayla Ritter Rickels about their work to build district-level solutions for postsecondary success.

Webinar Presenters

Chad Luhman

Head Principal, Danville Independent Schools

Shelby Cameron

Secondary Instructional Specialist, Danville Independent Schools

Jeron Schmidt

Senior Director of Partnerships + Growth, OneGoal

Kayla Ritter Rickels

Postsecondary Leadership Coach, OneGoal