Four Ways to Support Students to Graduation


Students from low- and high-income communities aspire to earn a degree or equivalent credential at similar rates. However, too many students—the vast majority of whom are students of color—are left to confront economic, academic, and social barriers that make it almost impossible to achieve their greatest postsecondary ambitions.

At OneGoal, we know that part of closing this degree divide is taking into account each Fellow’s unique circumstances. Based on our extensive internal analysis, we developed a Quality Enrollment Framework to ensure that we support students holistically to choose a postsecondary path that is a high quality fit for them. The ultimate aim of this framework is to empower students to take a critical lens when deciding which post-secondary options to consider, where to apply, and where to enroll.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What factors are critical to student success in postsecondary?
  • How can you support students to enroll and persist in their postsecondary pathway?

Learn from our host Karla Robles, OneGoal’s Chief of Program, and panelists Shalonda Sherman, OneGoal Senior Director of Program Learning, Veronica Nieves, Senior Director of Postsecondary Partnerships for OneGoal Chicago, and Aline Del Lano, OneGoal Alumna.

Webinar Presenters

Karla Robles

Chief Program Officer, OneGoal

Before joining OneGoal, Karla spent 13 years at the Be a Leader Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona, where she focused on college access and success program management and community engagement. Karla’s collective experiences inspired her to join OneGoal and support the movement to ensure that underserved youth across the country have equitable access to an excellent education. Karla holds a bachelor’s degree in global business and marketing from Arizona State University and a Master of Public Administration from New York University in non-profit/public/organizational management.

Veronica Nieves

Senior Director of Postsecondary Partnerships, OneGoal

The power of education and achieving one’s highest postsecondary aspirations has been instilled in Veronica throughout her childhood. As a native Chicagoan, student of CPS, the oldest sister + grandchild, and first-generation college graduate, she knows first-hand that navigating the landscape is not easy – she is grateful to her family for always being in her corner and supporting her along the way. Veronica joined the OneGoal community the fall of 2012 as an intern her senior year in college and joined staff, full-time, in July of 2013. She has served on the Chicago Program Team over the years, impacting Program Director recruitment + training, Secondary Partnerships, and Postsecondary Partnerships. In her current role, she leads strategy for and manages our Chicago region’s Postsecondary Partnerships team. Veronica completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Northwestern University, majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Sociology.

Shalonda Sherman

Senior Director of Program Learning, OneGoal

The primary mission of Shalonda’s work for OneGoal is to steward the organization’s efforts to operationalize Quality Enrollment as an organizing framework on our path to increase enrollment & completion outcomes for Fellows across the country. Prior to transitioning to a career in program learning and evaluation, Shalonda was a practitioner in various roles across the elementary, middle, and secondary landscape including: teacher, teacher coach, administrator, and analyst. Shalonda received a BS in Psychology from Mercer University and a MA in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa.

Aline Del Llano

OneGoal Alumnus and Sophomore majoring in Biochemistry + Psychology at Dominican University in Chicago


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