College is Not the Only Option:

Exploring Progressive Pathways


With an increasing number of students not pursuing a traditional 2- and 4-year college degree, there are more students looking for alternative pathways.

Progressive Pathways are non-degree programs designed to prepare students for work that leads to increased earnings and economic opportunities. Driven in part by new labor demands in industries like healthcare, technology, and construction, interest in these programs is on the rise.

Watch this webinar to gain critical insights into:

  • Progressive pathway options available for students
  • How to match students with pathways that align with their personal and professional goals
  • Why students consider progressive pathways

Whether you’re a teacher, principal, or superintendent, this webinar will provide practical insights and actionable strategies to help you ensure every student has the power to define their own future.

Webinar Presenters

Jacob Caplan

Postsecondary Coach + Teacher
Eric Solorio Academy High School, Chicago


Solorio is a proud open-enrollment neighborhood public high school. In my role, I help lead our school-wide efforts to ensure all students have a viable and personally fulfilling plan for life after high school. I began teaching at Solorio in 2012 and took a brief hiatus from teaching as a member of the OneGoal staff from 2015-2017. My current cohort is a group of soon-to-be graduating Seniors (Y2). This is my third OneGoal cohort during my time at Solorio (2015, 2020, 2023).

Dezalis (Dez) Fierro

OneGoal Fellow
Eric Solorio Academy High School, Chicago


The OneGoal program provides me with a space where my peers help me with school and also life in general. In the future, I see myself being a real estate agent and having multiple side jobs: painting, restoring shoes, being a tattoo artist, or producing beats.

Leon (Leo) Lopez

OneGoal Fellow
Eric Solorio Academy High School, Chicago


What I like about OneGoal is that this program helps and supports you in whatever you want to do after high school. What I’ve been considering doing after high school is going to barber school.

Diego Reyes

OneGoal Fellow
Eric Solorio Academy High School, Chicago


OneGoal is a good program for students that helps them continue with their education or find other pathways that don’t necessarily relate to college. For me it helped me learn about my future and helped me discover the program Chicago Builds, which will help me pursue the electrical program and have a chance to continue as a trainee in the IBEW. I’m really passionate about joining the union and my goal is to get in after the trainee program and keep growing from there.

Nicole Taylor

Director of Postsecondary Success


I have worked in urban education for over a decade and within several school districts. In my current role at OneGoal, I support students in researching their professional aspirations and connect them to high-quality enrollment pathways.