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What is OneGoal?

OneGoal is a program that supports your student’s success after high school. Students join a OneGoal class that meets their junior and senior years. They work with other students and a teacher to uncover their strengths and the college or other postsecondary institution that’s right for them. But it doesn’t end there. OneGoal support continues after high school for one full year to ensure they are set up to graduate.  Learn about the OneGoal Program → 

Year 1
(Junior Year)

Students explore who they are, their strengths, and their future aspirations. They identify what they want in their future and develop a plan to get them there. They leave Year 1 with a list of postsecondary schools that are a good fit for them and a strong personal statement.

Year 2
(Senior Year)

Students get help applying to college or other postsecondary institutions, and securing financial aid. They receive support during the summer to ensure they successfully enroll. Plus, they learn how to prepare for and overcome social, academic and financial roadblocks.

Year 3
(First Year of Postsecondary Path)

OneGoal continues to support students as they start their first year of college or other postsecondary path. Students check in on important things that will keep them on track to graduate, like study skills, financial aid, accessing on-campus supports, joining a club/organization, etc.

What is the commitment?

OneGoal is a three-year program—and a class—that begins in Fellows’ junior year of high school (Year 1). Year 2 corresponds to Fellows’ senior year of high school, and Year 3 corresponds to Fellows’ first year of college or other postsecondary path. OneGoal families and students commit to three years of participation in the program. There is no cost to participate.

How does OneGoal select students to participate in the program?

The OneGoal Program Director (teacher), school leader, and other school personnel, such as the guidance counselor, collaborate to identify students who can most benefit from our program. We look at the whole student, not just current academic achievement or income bracket, because we’ve seen that all students have the power to succeed in their chosen postsecondary pathway. OneGoal prioritizes students typically overlooked by other interventions to help them tap into their potential, drive and passion.

What supports can I expect from OneGoal?

You can expect OneGoal to support your student as they develop a more clear sense of self, identify what they want for their future, and develop goals to get there. The Program Director will help your student uncover strengths and build skills that will help them increase their GPA and SAT scores to expand their options. From there, they’ll work closely to select the right college or other postsecondary institution for your student, to secure as much financial aid as possible to reduce the cost of college for you, and to support your student when they encounter challenges on the way to college graduation.

What about the cost of a postsecondary education?

OneGoal Program Directors and staff work with families to help Fellows find the right schools and secure the financial aid they need to make college or other postsecondary institutions as affordable as possible, regardless of their income or citizenship status.

Program Directors share information about the financial aid process with you throughout the first two years of the program, and families will be invited to attend informational sessions on financial aid and have access to their students’ Program Directors on a one-on-one basis in order to ask questions. We ask that whenever possible, parents/guardians share financial information (for example, tax documents) with Fellows’ Program Directors at the end of Year 1 of the program. This will maximize students opportunities to secure financial aid and reduce the cost of college for parents/guardians.

Will I have access to OneGoal’s staff?

Yes! OneGoal staff work directly with Fellows and PDs in classrooms on a regular basis; through those avenues, parents can connect with staff to share communication and receive support.

How does OneGoal support Fellows in choosing their postsecondary path?

Personal Fit

Does this institution offer the academic program, supports, and amenities that interest the Fellow?

Financial Fit

Is this institution affordable to the Fellow and their family?

Completion Supports

Does this institution have a record of supporting students like OneGoal Fellows towards completion (as shown by graduation rates) and specialized support programs?

Academic Match

Is this among the more competitive of institutions to which the Fellow has access based on their GPA and SAT/ACT?

What should I expect the relationship with the Program Director to look like?

You can expect that this relationship will be a very close one. Over the course of three years, your student’s Program Director will become a mentor to your student and will be involved in some very personal decisions that must be made when it comes time for your student to apply to and enroll in college or other postsecondary institution. You can expect that you and your student’s Program Director will communicate frequently and openly throughout these three years – and potentially beyond!

What additional opportunities will this afford my student?

OneGoal Fellows have opportunities to participate in college visits, internships, individualized support with personal statements for college, and on-campus leadership opportunities.