OneGoal Subcontractors

Supporting Services to Chicago Public Schools

OneGoal subcontracts with the following organizations to provide supporting services to Chicago Public Schools.

  • Salesforce/GradTrack: Used as a hosting solution to ensure secure data storage.
  • Canvas: Learning Management System that facilitates delivery of the program, including teachers’ ability to see students’ work samples and development, students’ progress on assignments, and overall quality delivery of program.
  • The Graide Network: Provides essay, resume and personal statement coaching to students.
  • PrepMedians (ACT/SAT Prep): Provides SAT support to students, including access to online training videos.
  • PowerBI: Used to assess aggregate trends in cohorts to inform program improvements and Fellow support.
  • Project for Education Research that Scales (PERTS): Provides a survey and tools that support teachers in improving equitable classroom learning conditions.
  • GuidEd Insight: Allows us to support districts in assessing aggregate alumni enrollment and persistence trends across subgroups.