Thank You

for Attending!

We’re so glad you could attend OneGoal’s Corporate Breakfast! We hope you now better understand the opportunity gap and its implications on talent and development of Metro Atlanta-area companies. Together, we can transform the postsecondary landscape for students from low-income areas in Metro Atlanta and across our state to advance equity in education.

We hope you continue to engage in our work. Partnering with purpose looks like:

  • Building Meaningful Partnerships: OneGoal is looking for new and returning companies to partner with to expand our reach. If your company has a grant program or is looking for a talent pipeline, we would be eager to partner.
  • Turnkey Employee Engagement: Explore hands-on engagement activities with students from career fairs, career conversations, and more.
  • Getting Involved: We would love to set up a classroom visit, a learning experience with students, or a meeting with our Executive Director to help you learn more about our work.
  • Student Summit Sponsorship: The Student Summit brings 650 high school juniors and seniors together at Clayton State University to explore a variety of careers and postsecondary paths. As a sponsor, you will join the movement to inform students of the skills needed to secure jobs as they consider postsecondary planning.

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