Postsecondary Partnerships

At OneGoal, we believe synergy between postsecondary and secondary institutions is critical for OneGoal Fellows to achieve their greatest postsecondary aspirations. We aim to reduce silos by cultivating a network of committed partners who will engage and leverage their resources to ensure Fellows are supported. We aspire for all Fellows to become tenacious, resilient self-advocates beyond their freshman year.

What Our Partners Say

“This partnership has certainly have given us more exposure in a variety of regions. It is great to be a part of a network and community of folks that are as invested as we are in providing access to equitable education. The numerous opportunities to engage in person with students and their academic coaches has been a plus!”

Skaidy Mieses
University of Massachusetts, Lowell

“There are some opportunities for growth within the partnership and there are lots of components that are already running very smoothly. Primarily being able to integrate additional opportunity for getting students to campus as well as engage students beyond just information sessions specific to FSU.”

Tahkeya Blake
Fitchburg State University

Our Partners

Premier Partners

Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology (Franklin Cummings Tech)
Bentley University
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Salem State University
University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Massachusetts Lowell


Bridgewater State University
Bunker Hill Community College
Fitchburg State University
Framingham State University
University of Massachusetts Boston
College Now at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Worcester State University

By the Numbers


of our high school Fellows spend a day on campus with at least one partner college


of all applications submitted (Class of 2023) went to partner colleges


of all OneGoal Fellows enroll at a partner colleges in the fall after HS graduation


of all enrolled OneGoal Fellows at a partner school are persisting beyond Y3*

*Y3 is the final year within our programmatic sequence that allows for hands-on support for Fellows navigating their first postsecondary year, persisting into their postsecondary pathway the fall one year after graduating.

Benefits of


  • All partners gain early touch points with our Fellows before their senior year, allowing Fellows to hear about your institution very early on.
  • All partners build relationships with OneGoal staff and the teachers in the classroom, which enable your admissions officers to visit more classrooms in the fall of senior year.
  • All OneGoal staff become experts on your college in order to best advise our fellows.
  • All partners are showcased within our OneGoal Partner Resource Guide and our OneGoal Recommended College list disseminated to every Fellow and high school partner, every year.
  • Creating a Network of Champions – At the end of the day, our goal is student success. OneGoal and our postsecondary partners work collaboratively to ensure every student who wants a college degree can succeed!

Elements of

Our Partnerships


By working with high school and college partners to better inform and support Fellows from their Junior year through their first year of college. This is done by increasing Fellows’ exposure to campus environments, creating more touch points with admissions and financial aid professionals and face-to-face interactions with the college before the application season begins.


By working collaboratively with colleges across the state to reduce barriers to application, enrollment, and ultimate matriculation for our Fellows. This is done by working collaboratively to ensure every Fellow who wants to apply can apply.


By working with our postsecondary partners to ensure Fellows remain “on track” to complete their degree. We do this by working closely with our on-campus retention contact to mitigate barriers to completion, through our centralized advising strategies designed to support Fellow success.

Becoming a

Postsecondary Partner

Premier Partner

We collaborate with these partners along the lines of exposure, access, and persistence.
This is a formalized partnership with a signed MOU and collaboration on all points. Additional incentives are offered to Fellows such as guaranteed admission, waived enrollment deposit, spots in overnight programs, etc.


We collaborate with these partners along the lines of access and persistence.
This is a formalized partnership with a signed MOU and key points of contact identified at the partner to support persistence and application efforts.

Let’s Connect

Get more information about what OneGoal partnership could mean for your college:


What is needed to launch a partnership with OneGoal?


A willingness to work collaboratively with our organization and the people best positioned to do so. We work with all our partners to ensure the “right” people are informed and tapped into our partnership conversations. This can look different from every college, but essentially partnership will require:

  • a retention person on campus who is able to verify student enrollment and who is well positioned to build relationships with Fellows on campus
  • an Admissions person who is willing to do a outreach to OneGoal high schools and who will verify every OneGoal Fellow who has a complete application on file
  • a mental health contact we can direct our Fellows to on campus
  • someone who is well positioned to steward our MOU conversations, resulting in a signed MOU before partnership.

What is the MOU process like? Why is it necessary?


The MOU process is required because throughout the span of our partnership we will share confidential student information in order to reduce barriers to application and enrollment and support students while they’re on campus. Our MOU is designed to outline the key roles and responsibilities of our partnership, and protect both parties via a data sharing agreement. That said, OneGoal uses a standard MOU with all partners. We are willing to work with colleges that may have more specific language needed within their MOUs. Please reach out if you have any concerns.

How long are your MOU agreements?


A standard MOU is a one-year agreement.

I’m interested in partnership, but I’m not sure my institution is ready to sign an MOU. What should I do?


Fill out our interest form and let’s have a conversation. Our primary goal is to expose our Fellows to high-quality options, and sometimes that requires flexibility! Please reach out if you’re interested in talking more about collaboration.