Our Regions + Teams

As a national organization spanning six regions, our staff comprises of national and regional team members. National team members constantly think big picture about how to get OneGoal impacting more students better, such as through our curriculum, engagement opportunities or development of the organization. Regional teams ensure that OneGoal is changing the educational landscape for their particular region and that the OneGoal model is individualized to best serve different communities. Whether a part of a national or regional team, our staff make an impact.

External Affairs


External Affairs positions are charged with supporting brand awareness, fundraising for our core operations and special initiatives and driving opportunities for new continuing expansion within our regions and across the United States.  Some teams that fall under the umbrella of External Affairs are:

  • Marketing + Communications
  • Development

Finance + Operations


Finance + Operations positions ensure that the organization and its regional teams are running smoothly. They are charged with handling audits, office maintenance and other roles that ensure that staff have the tools to best perform their jobs. Some teams that fall under the umbrella of Finance + Operations are:

  • IT
  • Finance
  • Operations

Human Assets


Human Assets positions are charged with developing and executing on strategies that empower teams and managers to attract, engage, develop and retain exceptional and diverse talent in order to accelerate and support OneGoal’s impact and build an inclusive and equitable organization for all staff members. Some positions that fall under the umbrella of Human Assets are:

  • Senior Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Manager of Human Assets Training
  • Managing Director of Human Assets, Business Partner

Offices of the CEO + President


The Office of the CEO leads and manages OneGoal to their ambitious priorities and goals. Responsibilities can include leading the Executive Leadership Team of the organization as well as serving as culture leaders for the organization. Positions within the Office of the CEO include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive Assistant
  • Chief of Staff

Postsecondary Program


Postsecondary Program positions are charged with making sure postsecondary institutions are part of the solution of the degree divide. They build direct partnerships to benefit Fellows and provide direct services as needed to Fellows in college. Some teams that fall under the umbrella of Postsecondary Program are:

  • Directors of Teacher Support (Y3) + Fellow Support
  • Postsecondary Partnerships
  • Postsecondary Support

Program Innovation


Program Innovation positions look for ways to continue improving the OneGoal model. They conduct research, synthesize findings and test potential program model changes that allow OneGoal to increase outcomes for Fellows. Some teams that fall under the umbrella of Program Innovation are:

  • College Persistence
  • Program Innovation Partnerships
  • Innovation + Design
  • Curriculum Development
  • Evaluation

Secondary Program


Secondary Program positions work on getting the OneGoal model into communities, districts and high schools. In addition to implementing OneGoal in schools and communities, they support Program Directors teaching the OneGoal model. Some teams that fall under the umbrella of Secondary Programs are:

  • Directors of Secondary Partnership
  • Directors of Teacher Support (Y1 + Y2)
  • School Partnerships

Strategy + Learning


Strategy + Learning positions manage strategy across the organization, enhance organizational effectiveness and learning systems, and build effective data solutions and staff capacity to drive data insights and decisions. Some functions that fall under the umbrella of Strategy + Learning are:

  • Salesforce Adminstration
  • Data Management
  • Business Analysis

Training + Support


Training + Support positions are tasked with ensuring regional OneGoal program-based team members develop the strategies, and employ the practices necessary, to ensure Fellow success. They provide individualized- and team-based training and coaching across secondary and postsecondary teams to ensure our program model is contextualized within each of the communities we serve. Some teams that fall under the umbrella of Training + Support are:

  • Secondary Supports
  • Postsecondary Supports
  • Partnership + Support