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Staying Accountable to Dreams

By Tiffany Scott
May 12, 2020

Hannibal Hendrix is a Year One Fellow from Maynard Jackson High School in Atlanta whose school year was upended due to COVID-19. Determined to not let his dreams veer off track, he shares how he’s utilizing the resources around him to continue his college exploration.

High school junior and OneGoal Fellow, Hannibal Hendrix, did not envision his year ending in the middle of a school closure. However, his vision for enrolling in college remains strong.

“I’m passionate about my education and path. In OneGoal, I have the support from my teacher and peers who provide accountability and help me stay on track.”

Since schools closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hannibal’s OneGoal Program Director at Maynard Jackson High School, Steven Eicholtz, has been checking in with Hannibal and his OneGoal peers virtually, holding them each accountable to the dreams they set. Mr. Eicholtz shared, “Everything we have been doing in class has been leading up to this point of Fellows having an understanding of who they are, their goals, and bringing it in one place while looking towards their postsecondary options.”

Just before the closure, Hannibal and his cohort had started a lesson focused on researching different colleges and looking at postsecondary options from multiple perspectives.

“OneGoal has helped me think about what I really want from my college experience. Currently, I’m debating if an HBCU experience is next or not and weighing those options,” Hannibal reflected.

Mr. Eicholtz will continue to support Hannibal in focusing his list of potential postsecondary paths. “Each class I help students understand that these are not just assignments. It’s more than the grade; our lessons are useful for when they apply to school, how they match with them, and their financial requirements so they will be better prepared.”

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