Turning Data into Action

for Postsecondary Success


Educators and school leaders have a unique opportunity to leverage their available data to enhance student success. This webinar from OneGoal and ESG explores practical strategies for turning data into actionable insights, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for students in postsecondary education.

This webinar discusses:

  • Ways postsecondary data can be used to drive district strategy and school improvement plans
  • How to use common data metrics with consistent language to improve student success
  • Real-world insights from districts that leveraged data to improve their postsecondary success

This webinar provides practical examples and actionable strategies to help district and school leaders ensure every student has the power to define their own future.

Webinar Presenters

Dr. Matt Nelson
Executive Director, College & Career Readiness
Metro Nashville Public Schools

Dr. Michael Deuser
Education Strategy Group

Dr. John Boumgarden
Postsecondary Leadership Coach

Carmen Hawkins
Associate High School Principals
Cahokia Unit School District