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Our Stories

Achieving Equity in District Postsecondary Planning

District leaders reflect on the challenges they worked to address as they built a districtwide vision to ensure all their graduates were prepared and supported to achieve postsecondary success.
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A Conversation with Joliet Central High School


OneGoal spoke with Amanda Ringfelt and Jeffrey Riley of Joliet Central High School about the school’s postsecondary advising for students.
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OneGoal Program Directors Making a Difference

Across the country, OneGoal Program Directors are rising to the occasion and working hard to support students in pursuing their greatest postsecondary aspirations.
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Voices from our Community


“I think OneGoal helped instill that ‘hey, listen, education is important,’ especially for someone like me who had so much potential to do so many things. It felt like it would have been a waste almost if I didn’t take that opportunity to go to college.”

Caleb Navarro
Alumnus, OneGoal

“OneGoal has given me a better understanding of how I can get to where I want to go. It’s not all black and white. It’s not, ‘You can’t go there because your grades are low.” I can be more than what I thought.”

Celinette Valentin
Alumnae, OneGoal

“One of the leadership principles I learned in OneGoal is resilience, and teaching myself to not view myself as a failure for needing more than four years to graduate college is the best example of it that I can imagine.”

Trevon Slaughter
Alumnus, OneGoal