Manager of Program (MA)

Position: Manager of Program – Massachusetts

Position Type: Internal/External

Reports to: Erika Sologuren, Senior Director of Partnerships, Massachusetts

Start date: July/August 2024

Job Classification: Exempt

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Salary Range: $60,125-$62,000

About OneGoal                                                                                     

OneGoal transforms postsecondary advising and support so that every student can define their own future. Together with our partners, we’re building a movement to close the opportunity gap. We work side-by-side with partner schools and districts to build their knowledge and capacity. The result is more equitable and effective support for all students. Our unique approach, honed over 15 years, prioritizes strong human relationships. And it’s proven to deliver real student impact. 82% of OneGoal high school graduates enroll in a postsecondary institution, and 73% of those students persist one year after high school graduation. An independent study by the University of Chicago found that OneGoal students are about 40% more likely to earn their postsecondary degrees than students from similar backgrounds. We are looking for individuals to join us in our pursuit of equity. 

The Person

As the Manager of Program, you will serve as a critical member of the OneGoal Program Team in Massachusetts. You will have primary responsibility for ensuring program impact through direct support of the teacher development, student achievement, college enrollment,  college persistence, and school partnerships work streams. This includes how we collect, aggregate,  analyze, use, and share data; manage events; and support collaboration and systems across a diverse and ambitious team. 


You will do this by:


Data Administration and Analysis (40%)

  • Serve as team-wide data administrator and analyst to support OneGoal staff, teachers, and students in accessing program data and using it to inform their practice and demonstrate impact.
  • Lead data collection, entry, and management in order to provide progress to goal updates, data reporting, and staff support.
  • Collaborate with our External Affairs team to share program impact data for grants, reports, and external communications.
  • Serve as liaison to OneGoal National Data Solutions and Program Learning Teams.

Event Planning and Logistics (35%)

  • Lead event-specific working groups charged with the visioning, execution, and evaluation of all Program Team events (e.g., annual in-person celebration with all schools, college visits, teacher trainings, Fellow Summit, and other smaller events).
  • Directly manage all event logistics, including coordinating space, transportation, food, and event materials.

Team-wide Operations + Systems (15%)

  • Implement and continually refine key operational systems to maximize the full potential of the team’s collaboration and impact (e.g., internal and external communications, knowledge management strategy of internal materials).
  • Manage the process for drafting, editing, and sending of Program Director and Partnership newsletters.
  • Manage planning and logistics for regular Program Team-wide meetings and quarterly retreats.
  • Oversee the Program Team’s  expense reporting systems and budget tracker

Regional Team Responsibilities (10%)

  • Serve as an active member of the Massachusetts Program Team and participate in regular region-wide team meetings, stepbacks, and retreats.
  • Build strong relationships with key OneGoal national team stakeholders to achieve outcomes.


The Manager of Program  is likely to see himself/herself/themselves in the following examples as they are designed to help you determine if this opportunity aligns with your own passion, purpose, skills, and experiences.   


You are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

  • You seek to understand and celebrate the unique identities of the individuals with whom you interact; you advocate for and elevate the voices of marginalized people and communities especially those from which our Fellows come; you interrogate your own understandings, bias, and privilege and reflect on how they play out in your work.
  • You see becoming a more equitable and inclusive educator as a lifelong journey and regularly pursue opportunities that will cause you to reflect, learn, and grow.


You love using data to tell a story.

  • You are a clear communicator and understand the power of data when it’s presented correctly. You have an innate ability to help make data and analysis digestible for all types of learners and working styles, but you also understand that data only tells part of the story and you are driven to get the data in the right hands to help advance our mission.
  • You acknowledge the role bias and privilege play in analysis and seek to mitigate this in your practice.


You are an operator and a strategist.

  • You are driven both by data and experience, recognizing the complexity of decision-making and strategy requires evidence as well as a drive to dream big.
  • You get things done and usually it’s because you’re purposeful and intentional with your use of time. You love planning and setting deadlines and hold yourself accountable to doing what you say you’ll do.
  • You like to explore and surface innovative approaches and have designed new ways of doing things based on your yearning to learn and evolve.
  • While you are process-oriented, you are not discouraged when things don’t go as planned because you’ve built contingency plans and are excited by challenges and problem solving. You have built scalable systems and efficient processes.
  • You like to explore and surface innovative approaches and have designed new ways of doing things based on your yearn to learn and evolve.


You are a life-long learner.

  • You have a natural curiosity about how things work and have an ability to see the big picture and the details.
  • You are entrepreneurial and actively seek out exciting questions and ideas. You enjoy learning about and experiencing our program model.
  • You enjoy searching for, reviewing, and learning from academic research and technical reports.
  • You enjoy collaborating with external stakeholders to learn from their work and to share our best practices.


You are a compelling and effective communicator,

  • You have tremendous ability to adapt messages to different audiences in order to inspire stakeholders and build champions.
  • You discern the appropriate mode of communication, depending on the situation and audience.
  • You serve as an ambassador for OneGoal in every space you join.




  • 1-3 years administrative or operations experience (Required)
  • Exceptional organizational abilities, analytical acumen, and attention to detail (Required)
  • Ability to travel to school partners throughout Massachusetts (Required)
  • Lived experiences of our Fellows (Preferred)
  • Experience with data systems and tools as end-user (i.e Salesforce or other CRMs, PowerBI, Google Suite, Pardot, Microsoft Word & Excel) (Preferred) 

Thinking Of Applying?

Research shows that women and people of color are less likely to apply to jobs unless they meet every single qualification. If you are excited about the role and see connection with what we are looking for, but don’t meet every single requirement, we’d encourage you to apply anyway. Please on the “Apply For This Job Now” link below to submit your application.


Our Team 

Guided by a clear set of core values and beliefs, you will join an impressive group of more than 200 OneGoal staff across the country who believe in the untapped potential within students. The OneGoal team challenges themselves and others to regularly ask, “Is there a better way?” You believe in an inclusive and culturally competent society and the essence of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We believe that in order to create the change we seek, each person we hire brings a remarkable and diverse set of experiences, skills and characteristics that individually and collectively, will contribute to the radical change needed to move us towards a more equitable and just nation.


The Tangible Good 

OneGoal offers competitive compensation based on the market for nonprofits our size. Our benefits package* includes: over eight weeks of paid time off (or 43 business days), between vacation days, wellness time, and holidays; paid medical or parental leaves should you have need; medical, dental, vision, short-term and long-term disability, and life insurance; as well as a 401(k) with a 3% match. 

We believe in compensating staff members fairly in relation to each other, their qualifications, and their impact on behalf of the organization, and take internal and external equity seriously. Given our commitment to equity, OneGoal does not negotiate salary offers; instead each salary offer is determined carefully using external and internal benchmarking. You will have an opportunity to discuss salary in more detail after you begin the hiring process.

*OneGoal reserves the right to change benefits at anytime according to business need. 

If you require a reasonable accommodation to submit an application or to participate in the application or interview process, please reach out to our Human Assets Team to request an accommodation. Our Human Assets Team can be contacted at 773-321-2630 or [email protected]


OneGoal is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of actual or perceived sex, race, color, ancestry, citizenship, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, disability (mental or physical), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, breastfeeding or related medical condition, parenthood, genetic characteristic or information, military or veteran status, marital status, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state, or local law.