Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Commitment

OneGoal ​is ​committed ​to ​building ​​an ​organization ​that ​seeks ​and ​embraces ​diversity, actively pursues equity ​and ​fosters ​an environment ​of ​inclusion. ​Our commitment stems from an understanding of historic injustice and an unwavering belief that differences in perspectives, experiences, and identities ultimately get us closer to our vision and lead to stronger teams and better organizational performance. ​We ​value ​diversity ​across ​multiple ​dimensions, ​including ​but ​not ​limited ​to ​race, ​ethnicity, ​socioeconomic background, ​sexual ​orientation, ​religious ​beliefs, ​gender identity, ​disability ​status, ​and ​age. ​We ​additionally ​recognize ​and ​act ​on ​the impact ​of ​intersectionality ​because ​we ​understand ​that ​individuals ​may ​be further ​impacted ​by ​oppression when ​their ​identities overlap ​a ​number ​of ​marginalized ​groups. We live out this commitment by driving toward our organizational diversity, equity and inclusion aspirations:

  • Diverse representation at all levels. We recognize that, in order to close the degree divide, we need the perspective of those who share the same racial/ethnic background, socio-economic status and/or first-generation college status of our Fellows across the organization.
  • All staff members have an equitable, engaging, and rewarding experience while working at OneGoal. Staff bring their whole selves to work because the organization operates in ways that values people and allows them to show up authentically every day.
  • Policies and procedures that meet the needs of all staff members. OneGoal consistently analyzes our policies and procedures to ensure that we are responsive and flexible to meeting the needs of all our staff members considering the intersection of racial, cultural, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and ability identities.
  • Staff members are developing a Liberatory Consciousness. Our staff will engage in the ongoing work of developing a liberatory consciousness so that we can become increasingly more culturally competent and critically conscious. We are committed to seeking justice and eliminating systemic oppression.
  • An anti-racist journey. We are on a journey to becoming an anti-racist organization so that we can tackle the systems that prevent our Fellows from having the real opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

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