Investing in Sport pays off in many different ways. Children learn healthy habits critical to their health for the rest of their life. Boys and girls come together to learn social development skills and teamwork. Adults and the community unite for fun-filled competition that can inspire community pride and progress. 

Investing in Sport is an investment in...

Play and fun

One of the best things about Sport is that it's fun and is a great way for people of all ages to get out and play. 

“I really enjoy playing football with my friend because it is my favorite sport," 10 year old Deny plays football every evening with his friends near his home. He lives in Cambodia.


Photo ©2015 World Vision

Community pride and progress

This championship winning girls football team in Bangladesh have made such a contribution to the pride and health of their community that the State Minister for Power, Energy and Mine Nosrul Hamid and State Minster of Social Welfare came to launch electricity supply in the village. The team won the Bangamata Begum Fajilatunnesa Mujib Gold Cup tournament by their powerful performance and received a reward of 1 lakh Taka (1266.40$). They also got the opportunity to go to Nepal and represent the national team in Asia Cup Under-16.


Photo ©2016 World Vision

Social inclusion and gender equality

In Nepal, a One Goal project initiated in 10 secondary schools in Kailali District is getting boys and girls in the game together. In this remote village, it was a big decision for girls to enter the world of football especially playing alongside the boys in school matches. Many girls never thought they could play. Now the school teams are a mix of boys and girls who are learning new skills (social and sport) as they play together. 


Photo ©2015 World Vision


Two new Sport pitches (one for football, and one multi-functional surface for football, basketball and netball) in Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan have not only been an investment in the health of the community especially for youth, the Sport pitches are investment in the happiness of the Syrian refugees who live there. Through Sport children and adults alike can forget about the terror and bloodshed they left behind, even if for just a short time. And they have a place where they can exercise and escape the perpetual boredom that comes with living in the middle of the desert. 


Photo: ©2016 Christopher Lee for World Vision

Young women and men have been trained by Premier Skills trainer head coach Jeremy Weeks during a two-day workshop in Azraq Refugee Camp 26-27 April, 2016. The young men and women learned skills to coach a new youth football league for boys and girls living in the camp.



Photo ©2016 World Vision

Video ©2016 The GroundTruth Project and World Vision

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