19-year-old Björn Becker represented his country Germany at the World Vision Cup. He shares his experience of how football helped the youth participants defy their cultural differences.



During the World Vision Cup, I experienced the most life-changing and memorable week of my life. I was able to meet so many different people from so many different countries and to learn about their cultures. Even the language barriers were not a problem because we somehow felt all connected through football and somehow we were always able to make ourselves understood.

It was very interesting to hear the stories others shared about the problems which youth face in their countries.  Together, we summarized them and were able to write the “Letter of Recife” which was handed to the Brazilian government, the United Nations, UNICEF and World Vision and advocated for more effort in policies affecting children and youth.

Right now I’m trying to share my experience,  to tell about the amazing opportunity I got and to spread around the Letter of Recife” through newspapers and presentations which I’m going to hold at my school. I hope the biggest goal we achieved, the “Letter of Recife” is effective and respected by authorities in the future, and I hope that the friendships we built will also last for a really long time.

The World Vision Cup might be the only event in the world where so many different cultures are at one place together and can learn from each other. It was a great idea, and I hope it will happen again in the future.

By Björn Becker, age 19, Germany


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