The year 2015 is a very special and critical year in global efforts to improve child wellbeing. The Millennium Development Goals--the biggest and most successful anti-poverty campaign in history directed by eight goals which, if achieved, would half extreme poverty--come to an end and world leaders at the UN will discuss the next set of goals. With the celebrated progress made by the MDGs, discussions held this year will determine the level of commitment and support to end poverty by 2030.

That means now is the time to make our voice heard to make sure leaders deliver ambitious goals that will zero poverty in the next 15 years, 2015 and beyond, including zero preventable child deaths and zero child malnutrition. Now is the time for action.

One Goal joins the Global Week of Action 2015--4-11 May when millions of people across the globe will stand together to advocate for a better world for children-- with this important message to world leaders, governments, organisations, and the general public: Stop at nothing to zero child malnutrition. If we are going to zero poverty in the next 15 years, we must eliminate childhood malnutrition. Fact: Malnutrition is an underlying cause in nearly half of all child deaths. Every year, 6.3 million children die from preventable causes.

Stop at nothing to reach all children in the critical window of opportunity: The first 1,000 days of life.

Ensuring all children receive adequate nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life is critical. Poor nutrition in this critical window of opportunity can set back physical and mental development for a lifetime.

Stop at nothing: A fairer world for all children means every child enjoys good nutrition.

The world's nutritional playing field is shockingly uneven. Fact: Millions of children born in Asia enter the world at a disadvantage compared to children elsewhere carrying the burden of poor nutrition since birth. Across Asia, boys and girls are not able to compete with their peers in life or on the pitch because they have been malnourished from the very beginning. A fairer world for all children means every child enjoys good nutrition.

Stop at nothing: A world where Asia’s next generation of footballers not only survives but thrives.

Asia is home to more malnourished people and children than any other region in the world. For Asia’s next generation of footballers, malnutrition is holding them back from competing equally on the world stage and from leading healthy and productive lives.

Stop at nothing: A world where every child can play and a live healthy life of opportunity.

A healthy life starts with good childhood nutrition.

What you can do to take action

Join 1.4 billion football fans in tackling child malnutrition in Asia once and for all. Join the One Goal movement to end child malnutrition and give Asia's next generation of footballers a sporting chance at life.

Urge world leaders to stop at nothing to end child malnutrition. Take the “We will Stop at Nothing” pledge to end child malnutrition. 

Be a hero, make a zero. Join the Global Week of Action by making the “zero” symbol with your hand(s). This action can be taken individually or as a group. Snap a photo and upload it to the GWA website, and to social media with the caption to #Stopatnothing to zero childhood malnutrition.

Take the #OneGoalChallenge.

How to take the #OneGoalChallenge: 

  • Record a short video of you performing a football trick to support One Goal’s aim to leverage the power of football to tackle childhood malnutrition. “This is my #OneGoalChallenge”.
  • Post your video to social media with hashtag #OneGoalChallenge
  • Challenge someone else to take up the #OneGoalChallenge by nominating them at the end of your video. “I #OneGoalChallenge you. You’re next!”

Host a One Goal Match Day.

A ‘One Goal Match Day’ is a fun and innovative way to link grassroots football activities and sport for children and nutrition training for youth and parents. One Goal Match Days get adolescents involved in grassroots football activities, encourage an active and healthy lifestyle through participation in football, and share the keys to good nutrition. A full guide on arranging a One Goal Match Day can be requested from

Give to support projects that improve child nutrition and access to sport.

Donate to One Goal’s current project that aims to provide 10,000 children in Vietnam with nutrition clubs. 


About the Global Week of Action

From 4 to 11 May 2015, World Vision’s third Global Week of Action will see millions of supporters in more than 70 countries ask leaders to deliver ambitious goals for children. World Vision and its partners are asking supporters to call for an end to preventable child deaths, malnutrition, and poverty. For more information and to join the Global Week of Action: