Sport for development initiatives and programs

How much do you know about Sport for Development?

Sport for Development: How familiar are you with this term? Could you describe it to someone else? Can you name at least one program in Sport for Development? In this post, learn 7 tips that will guide you in any conversation about Sport for Development

Sport for Development in 5 football videos

These 5 videos showcase the power of sport and football as a tool for progress and development that can break down walls and barriers, a tool to tackle child malnutrition to give the next generation of footballers a sporting chance on the pitch and in life. 

3 programmes changing the game for kids

These three programmes are using the power of sport to change the game for kids in Asia.

Sport: An investment in health, well-being, and happiness

Football gets boys and girls in the game in Nepal

4,000 secondary school students in Kailali district in Nepal are getting in the game and learning about nutrition. 

Why investing in Sport pays off

Investing in Sport pays off in many different ways. Children learn healthy habits critical to their health for the rest of their life. Boys and girls come together to learn social development skills and teamwork. Adults and the community unite for fun-filled competition that can inspire community pride and progress. 

The power of football: Life after fleeing Syria

Approximately 28,000 refugees live in Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan; 56% of them are children -- more than 15,000 boys and girls. patch of green (a new football pitch built by One Goal, World Vision and the Premier League) is an investment in the social, psychological and mental well-being of the refugees living here along with sport’s physical benefits

Girls and Sport - When girls play, everyone wins!

When girls play, everyone wins!

While all people can benefit from the tool of Sport, there is a group that, if given access and participation to Sport, turn the tool into a game-changer for all of society. That group are girls and women.

Girls in the game - Meet 6 young female athletes championing sport in their communities

While it’s well known that many women and girls in Asia still lack the same rights and opportunities of men, these young ladies are making their own way forward.

A day in the life of a young female footballer in Myanmar in PHOTOS

A day in the life of May, age 13, the first prize winner at township level school football match.

Sport champions change

Football inspires gender equality and healthy living

In this remote village in Nepal, football is inspiring students to share in the game as equals and to live more healthily.

4 ways football is championing local change in Japan

From youth football festivals to the AFC Champions League quarter-finals, football (the language without borders) is championing local change in Japan. 

Tackling issues in Sport and health through multi-sector collaboration and partnership

Kids and football bridge the cultural divide in this Kosovo town

Kids and football are the unique partnership that is creating unity, friendship, and a love for Sport in this Kosovo town.

Public and private partnerships together with 'one goal' in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, malnutrition affects 29% of children. Public and private partnerships across the country including various government ministries are coming together with one goal: to tackle this major public health issue through the One Goal movement reaching over 2,000 children across the nation.