June 13

In the first game of the FIFA #WorldCup today Brazil defeated Croatia 3-1. When your favourite team takes the field, remember that their journey to the World Cup started with good nutrition.

June 20

The spirit of Australia is strong at the World Cup even after a 3-2 defeat by Netherlands yesterday making the Socceroos the first of the four qualifying teams from Asia to end their #WorldCup journey.

On Instagram Australia forward Tim Cahill posted: "Regardless of results, we made a massive step forward in Australian soccer as a team and a nation." 

They absolutely have.

June 20

Should the World Cup be a time where we simply ‘put aside’ our differences? Or is it a time to highlight them?

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June 24

Since the World Cup started in 1930, no Asian team has ever won. Why?

Read One Goal's article in The Guardian: Why has no Asian team ever won the World Cup?

June 25

A childhood dream made possible by good nutrition.

June 26

Just how even is the playing field for this year's 32 World Cup nations?

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June 30

Brings a whole new meaning to fact that "world champion dreams are made possible by good nutrition." 

Nations that focus on nutrition NOW will better set their path towards a world title (and much, much more). 

July 1

Today in the last of Round of 16: The richest (Switzerland) and the largest (United States) countries take on opponents in poorer and smaller nations (Argentina and Belgium).

Let's hope these teams stack fairer on the pitch than they do "life at home".

July 2

Some close matches in the last of the #World Cup Round of 16 today... not far from the finals now. 

Is your World Cup fever getting you excited for the 2015 AFC Asian Cup? It's as good a time as any to buy your tickets and donate to One Goal.

July 3

An epic display of freestyle football in this ad. Makes us proud to partner with and have the support of freestyler footballers around the world.

July 7

Not one of The Guardian's top 100 footballers of all time are from a country in Asia. Surprising? Or unsurprising? 

Asia has the highest number of malnourished children for any region in the world. Will the next generation of Asia's footballers be just as unfortunate to not make a list like this?

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July 8

World Cup semi-finals match 1: Germany vs. Brazil.

In Germany, football is beautifully ruthless. In Brazil, football is a religion. 

Football is also a catalyst for change.

July 9

World Cup semi-finals match 2: Netherlands vs. Argentina

The Guardian's "#WorldCup top 100 footballers of all time" list includes 5 players from Netherlands, 6 from Argentina... and none from Asia. Why? Malnutrition.

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July 10

#ThrowbackThursday to the first time Argentina faced Germany in the World Cup finals (1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico). 

The 1986 Cup was won by Argentina.
The 1990 Cup (where again these two teams faced off) was won by Germany. 

Which nation will lift the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Best guesses? Favoured team? (Photo: Rauchensteiner/Augenklick, conti-online.com)

July 11

Kuala Lumpur International Airport's 2014 World Cup campaign featured freestyle football demos (all you need is a football) and One Goal. 

Great effort of One Goal Malaysia to bring awareness of football and nutrition to travelers passing through or home to KLIA. 

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July 13

In today's third place match of the World Cup at Mane Garrincha...

Will the win go to the "desperate" (Brazil)? Or the "strategic" (Netherlands)? (...according to this study from Cambridge University Press on keyword associations with #WorldCup team names.)

See: World Cup 2014: study reveals how teams have been perceived on BBC

July 13

It has been a long road to the World Cup finals for Germany and Argentina.... one that started with good nutrition. 

July 14

World Cup dreams come true for the Germans! Dreams fueled by a passion for sport, and a lifetime of good nutrition.

July 15

Looks like Germany was winning either way... 

For two teams who matched up competitively on the pitch, they're social progress index components (like health and wellness as a foundation of well-being) are not near as equal. 

We, too, have highlighted the social inequality at this year's World Cup particularly for Asia's teams whose high rates of childhood malnutrition mean a lifetime of inability to compete equally on the field.

See: infographic.

July 17

#ThrowbackThursday to Germany's first World Cup win in 1954. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is Germany's fourth World Cup title.

In reading a bit about nutrition in Germany, the European Food Information Council talks about sound nutrition as the basis for good child health progressing towards adulthood. But malnutrition in Germany is not caused by a lack of food, regrettably the cheapest form of food energy in many European countries comes in the form of fats, sugar, and refined flour resulting in over-nutrition and childhood obesity (the other side of the malnutrition coin).

July 19

Moments of victory, unofficially sponsored by good childhood nutrition. #WorldCup #GER Photo source: TIME Sports