In a bid to develop the love of for the sport among Filipino children, while at the same time teaching them proper nutrition, international child-focused organization World Vision, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) team up for 'One Goal'.

The 'One Goal: Nutrition for Every Child' campaign is a global initiative which focuses on promoting good nutrition among children through sports development,  football and volleyball coaching lessons and a summer camp through football and volleyball coaching lessons and a summer camp. Some of the countries with an active 'One Goal' program are Australia and Malaysia.

"The goal of this campaign is to promote nutrition among children through sports development. It is our joint dream, with the two football organizations, to develop a new breed of Filipino football athletes that can compete in the international football arena," explains Jun Godornes, World Vision associate director for public engagement.

The Philippine launch for 'One Goal' will be on November 30, at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) University Field. This will also be a historic event as the AFC returns to the Philippines to celebrate its 60th anniversary. AFC, the governing body of football organizations in 47-member countries in Asia, was founded in Manila in 1954. The event will also be attended by AFC officials and delegates from across Asia.

From November 28-30, 300 school children from 21 public elementary schools in Manila will be trained on basic football techniques by coaches from the PFF. Meanwhile, parents and teachers of these children will also be educated on proper nutrition and preparing healthy meals and baon in workshops to be facilitated by nutrition experts. The three-day event will run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and will be filled with trainings and fun activities for the participants to enjoy. Throughout 2015, 'One Goal' will be implemented across the country, particularly schools in the provinces without any prior football program. 

"Our advocacy is to promote improved nutrition, life skills and healthy lifestyle, starting with the family and the schools. That is why we are reaching out to mothers and teachers who have direct access and influence on what children eat," says Godornes.

"Proper nutrition also plays a crucial part in sports development. By ensuring that children are healthy, active and well-trained, we give them an equal chance to compete, first nationally and then represent the country in international tournaments. We hope that some of the kids we train would eventually join the Philippine team," he adds. 

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