Why is birth order determining children's nutritional status in India? - The Youngest are the Hungriest in the New York Times.

Increasing the number of toilets and changing behaviour can cut stunting. - What do toilets have to do with nutrition? More than you might think. in The Guardian.

Efforts to improve what children eat should begin before they even learn to walk, a series of nutritional studies published on Tuesday has found. - Childhood Diet Habits Set in Infancy, Studies Suggest in the New York Times.

With 500 days to go until the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire, here’s a look back to the original goals and what we can expect from the announcement of the next goals in 2015. - The Millennium Development Goals: Look back to look forward on GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition)

Why has nutrition been overlooked? It's not a quick fix. - Nutrition: there's no quick fix for hunger or obesity in The Guardian. 

With just 500 days to go until the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire on 31st December 2015, the global community has begun the countdown. Development Goals Must Adapt to New Nutrition Challenges in the Huffington Post. 

Together we can save the lives of 158,000 women and 2.2 million children in the next 500 days. - Saving 2.2 million lives in the next 500 days from World Vision. 

For those of us who don't speak "nutrition"... and those who need a touch-up on your nutrition terms. - Nutrition terms cheat sheet from One Goal. 

When stunted children don’t reach their potential, neither do their countries. Malnutrition saps a country’s strength, lowering productivity and keeping the entire nation trapped in poverty. - Why Does Hunger Still Exist in Africa? from the blog of Bill Gates.

India's answer to the ice bucket challenge is helping the hungry and malnourished. - Rice, Not Ice: India’s Answer to the Ice Bucket Challenge in TIME

Empowering women to make the best nutritional choices for themselves and their families is crucial to breaking the cycle of malnutrition. - Breaking the cycle of malnutrition in The Guardian. 

World Breastfeeding Week highlights the important role that breastfeeding plays in improving maternal and child health around the world. The MDGs: what's breastfeeding got to do with it? in The Guardian. 

Gaps in research are deterring private sector investment which could help combat malnutrition worldwide. - Can better research promote investment in nutrition? in The Guardian. 

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