November 8 is one year since the world’s strongest typhoon slammed the Philippines with unimaginable force. Typhoon Haiyan, known locally as Typhoon Yolanda, took more than 6000 lives in its wake. Remarkably more than 14 million survived. Today, survivors rebuild their lives, regain their health, and replant their gardens for a healthy new future.


Typhoon Haiyan survivors planted seeds for nutritious produce like squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant and beans in a World Vision cash for work project. Rommel, a survivor, and his other classmates look after the garden as part of their school program, which they do so with pride. The vegetables will be used to improve the nutritional knowledge and consumption of students.

Every child deserves nutritious food in order to learn and grow!

A look back on a focus on nutrition in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

In the aftermath of any disaster, women and mothers bear the brunt of taking care of the children and the needs of the entire family amidst scanty resources. Nutrition for mothers and their children can go forgotten if not intentionally sought.

In the immediate aftermath of the Haiyan, One Goal partner World Vision began addressing the health needs of pregnant women and young children including a focus on nutrition. Within days Women and Young Children Spaces (WaYCS) were set up to provide mothers and women space to breastfeed infants, share experiences with other mothers and learn better ways to maintain the health, nutrition and hygiene of their children after the disaster.

More than a hundred village health workers were trained on infant and young child health and nutrition. Psychological first aid was also given to the communities. Health volunteers from the communities were trained to facilitate various learning and creative activities to support the women to regain a sense of normalcy and strengthen their resilience for self-recovery. In the six months that followed, 14 WaYCS serving 2,091 pregnant and lactating mothers were established in the provinces of Leyte, Cebu, Aklan and Iloilo.

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