June 2014 newsletter

As the world's top football teams compete at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, One Goal is covering news of football and nutrition from Brazil to Australia to Jordan in this month's One Goal news digest.

No team in Asia will win the World Cup (featured in The Guardian)

No team in Asia will win the World Cup | One Goal

Since the World Cup started in 1930, no Asian team has ever won. European and South American teams overshadow the chance for any Asian team to lift the cup, even though 20 million more people play football in Asia than in Europe. There are more football players in Asia than in the Caribbean and North, Central, and South America combined, but fewer football champions. Why? Read this article online >>

Life in the poorest World Cup nations

The 32 nations represented at this year's World Cup in Brazil may stack up pretty evenly on the pitch, but 'life at home' is drastically different for these competing teams. The question asked in a recent article that highlights the inequality in nations represented at the World Cup tournament is: Should the World Cup be a time where we simply ‘put aside’ our differences? Or is it a time to highlight them?  See the infographic > >

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