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At the end of the 2014 FIFA World Cup the world watched on as World Cup dreams came true for the Germans. In One Goal's July news digest we reflect on every team's journey to the World Cup -- a journey that started with good childhood nutrition. 

We also highlight stories written by youth in Australia, Germany, and Canada from a world cup tournament of their own in which football is engaging young people to be voices of change in their communities.  

Passion for football brought us together at the World Vision Cup

Team Australia at the World Vision Cup | One Goal

Before the world was swept away by the aura of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, 160 youth from 13 countries gathered in Recife, Brazil for their own world cup. Nardu Welsh was one of eight ambassadors from Australia to participate. She shares her experience of how a passion for football and changing the world matched up at the World Vision Cup.  Read Nardu's post >>

Reliving the World Cup through the eyes of One Goal

The 2014 FIFA World Cup summoned the world's best football teams and players in an epic display of skill, teamwork, passion, and what is the result of good childhood nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Through the eyes of nutrition and football, this is how One Goal lived this year's World Cup moments.  Read this article >>

More from youth footballers at the World Vision Cup

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