The pre-Cup excitement...

Two days before the 2015 AFC Asian Cup

Touching up on your football (and economics) 

#AC2015 gains and the good economics of investing in nutrition 


Australia to host the 2015 AFC Asian Cup

To host 15 other Asian nations because of the Beautiful Game will be awesome. It can only be unforgettable...


Match 1: Australia 4-1 victory over Kuwait

#AC2015 off to an epic start! Congratulations, Socceroos, who sealed a 4-1 victory over Kuwait in the opener match.

Australia fast fact on malnutrition: A substantial portion of the child population is at risk of micronutrient deficiency (not enough daily intake of micronutrients sufficient to meet children's development needs). Calcium intake was insufficient in more than half of all 9-16 year olds. (Source: 2007 Child Nutrition Survey)


Photo: AFC

Matchs 2, 3, & 4: Super Saturday

Super Saturday fast facts.... Of the Super Saturday teams competing, 
1. Which nation has the highest, and 
2. Which nation has the lowest prevalence of children under-five suffering from stunting (shorter than normal for age, an indicator of chronic malnutrition)? 

Answer: North Korea has the highest prevalence of stunting - 28% of all children under-five. South Korea has the lowest prevalence of under-five stunting, 3%, of all #AC2015 Super Saturday teams/nations.


Image: AFC Asian Cup

Match 5: UAE vs Qatar. Young fans out to support their favourite teams.

Young footballers and fans out to support their fave teams at #AC2015. Every young footballer should have a fair go at pursuing their football dreams.


Photo: AFC Asian Cup

Matches 9 & 10, wins for Australia and Korea Republic

Two of the top teams at #AC2015 as ranked by lowest child mortality rate & best child malnutrition statistics: Socceroos and Korea Republic defeat their opponents in Group A, round 2 matches. On to quarter-finals!!!

Socceroos defender Jason Davidson joins One Goal

“It’s fantastic that through this campaign I can promote an initiative that is both personal and important to me.

“I understand from first-hand experience the importance of helping children and their families in these communities eat, play and live right.” - Jason Davidson, One Goal Australia ambassador


Passionate fans and love for the world game

Football brings us together. Nutrition keeps the party healthy. 


Photo: AFC Asian Cup

15 January - 225,000 fans have been drawn to #AC2015


Match 15: Palestine 1-5 Jordan

Group D, round 2: The only team at #AC2015 making their first Asian Cup appearance Palestine faced the most improved team in the last 10 years, Jordan, and was defeated 1-5 ending their #AC2015 journey.


Match 17: Australia 0-1 Korea Republic

Korea Republic defeats hosts Australia. But how does South Korea fare in child nutrition...


Round 3 matches of the Group stage commence

Final group standings to be determined in next four days. On the sidelines, another match is happening: #AC2015 vs child nutrition. Only the facts will win.


Matches 19 & 20 decide Group B

How do the teams rank?


Match 21: Iran 1-0 UAE

Top FIFA ranked nation in Asia, Iran now with three consecutive top of the table finishes.


Image: AFC Asian Cup

No doubt Iran are competitors for the Asian championship title. But back at home, the nutrition story isn't quite as promising.


Quarter-finals: 8 nations. 1 champion. 

*Will it be the team with the lowest child-mortality rate of all #AC2015 nations, Japan?
*Or will it be the team from the nation with the lowest percentage of children under-five suffering from wasting, Korea Republic? 
*Or the #AC2015 nation with the highest percentage of under-five stunting, Iraq?
*Will hosts Australia, with one of the least amounts of available data on nutrition progress compared to other tournament nations, be the ones to make history this week?


Image: AFC Asian Cup

On its way to the most attended AFC Asian Cup tournament ever

Quarter finals matches for #AC2015 expected to break Qatar 2011's attendance record of 421,000 to 500,000. Another 300,000+ will be watching on TV -- combined, the number of viewers is still less than the number of chronically malnourished people in the world (805 million).


Match 27, quarter-finals: Iran 3-3 Iraq (6-7 on Penalties)

Iraq claims a place in the semi-finals defeating Iran 7-6 on penalties after a 3-3 draw. Iraq is one of the teams at #AC2015 who travelled nearly 8500 km to Canberra, Australia. The journey of 8500 km starts with nutrition. 



We are football united for children. 

Photos: AFC (One Goal partner for child nutrition)




Pre-semi finals: What it takes to be a champion

For semi-finals teams UAE, Iraq, Australia, and Korea Republic the fight for the Cup won't just be a match-up on the pitch, but the building of champions from the start of life. 


Match 26, semi-final match 2: Australia 2-0 UAE

One Goal Australia Ambassador and Socceroos defender Jason Davidson scores his maiden goal for Australia in their defeat over UAE 2-0 bringing them to the #AC2015 Finals! 

"To score a goal and help the team get to the Asian Cup final is a just a dream come true." -Jason Davidson 


Photo: AFC

Third-place decider: Iraq 2-3 UAE

UAE defeats Iraq in the third-place decider. UAE has no data available for prevalence of stunting. But their third-place match opponents Iraq have a 23% prevalence rate of under-age-five child stunting (means a child measures shorter than average for age -- an indicator of severe malnutrition).


Image: AFC Asian Cup

#AC2015 Finals: Korea Republic 1-2 Australia

Australia are Asia's Champions!!! Australia become the first Asian Cup host country to lift the trophy since Japan in 1992. 

Wonder what it feels like....



#AC2015 lives on with One Goal

As the stadiums empty for the last time, and the deafening roar of the crowd subside, the AFC are ensuring the legacy lives on, partnering with World Vision on its One Goal initiative - another long-term investment to ensure future health of our footballing family.

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