Petaling Jaya, October 16, 2014 – Four Malaysian personalities have come together to call for the end of child malnutrition in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s national football team Head Coach Dollah Salleh, Under-23 football team Head Coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee, human rights advocate and former Miss Malaysia Deborah Henry and Astro SuperSports TV Presenter Roshan Narayan have signed on to One Goal Malaysia to spread the message of “Eat, Play, Live Right”.

One Goal is a movement initiated by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and World Vision (WV) to end child malnutrition in Asia. In Malaysia, the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) is a core partner of the campaign, pledging to reach out to its extensive network of players and fans to bring about change.

One Goal Malaysia’s CEO, Stuart Ramalingam, said, "We are very excited to have such influential public figures as our ambassadors. With their support, we hope that we can achieve our goal of ending child malnutrition in our country and become a healthy and active Malaysia.”

According to the 2006 National Health and Morbidity Survey, 12.9% of Malaysia’s children below 5 years old are underweight and 17.2% are stunted. The 2011 National Health and Morbidity Survey puts 12.3% of our 10 - 14 year old children and 16.7% of our 15 -  17 year old children as underweight.

Malaysia also faces problems on the other end of the malnutrition spectrum. According to the 2011 Survey, one out of two Malaysians is either overweight or obese. Childhood obesity can lead to medical complications such as diabetes and heart failure.

The announcement of the One Goal Malaysia ambassadors came after the first Co-Creation Workshop hosted by One Goal Malaysia and its core partners - AFC, FAM and World Vision Malaysia.

"This Co-Creation workshop is our first of many engagements with key stakeholders in both public and private sectors", explained Stuart. "Ending child malnutrition requires a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary approach. Everyone has a role to play."

Besides strategising on solutions to combat child malnutrition, the workshop also discussed methods to increase participation in sports and sporting activities, particularly at grassroots level.

“One Goal is not just about organisations doing something,” stressed Stuart. "One Goal Malaysia is a campaign about people. We are reaching out to every child, parent, grandparent, family and friends to jump onboard to tackle child malnutrition."

The World Health Organisation had set the global targets of reducing childhood stunting by 40% and stopping the increase of childhood obesity by 2025. One Goal Malaysia intends to help Malaysia achieve those targets.

"If we can get every football fan and their families to be as passionate about nutrition as they are about football, we are off to a great start!" commented Stuart.

About One Goal Malaysia

One Goal Malaysia seeks to tackle child malnutrition by leveraging on the power of and the passion for football in Malaysia. Founded on its three pillars of proper and balanced nutrition, sports and healthy lifestyle, One Goal Malaysia is a collaborative campaign between the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and World Vision Malaysia to encourage Malaysians to Eat, Play, Live Right.

One Goal Malaysia aims to build a healthy and active Malaysia!

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What One Goal Malaysia’s Ambassadors have to say …

Dollah Salleh - Malaysia’s national football team coach

It is important that children get enough nutrients to grow. Too little and the child can be stunted, too much and the child can be obese.   The right balance of proper food and exercise is important.

Roshan Narayan - Astro SuperSports TV Presenter

Before I joined this campaign, I thought that a malnourished child is one who is starving and underweight.  Actually, it is more than that. It's also about lacking the essential vitamins and minerals as well.

Deborah Henry - Human rights advocate and former Miss Malaysia

Every child has the right to the best possible health.  It is sad to think of a child being unable to develop normally. We all have a responsibility to ensure that all the children have access to nutritious food and a healthy life. 

Datuk Ong Kim Swee - Under-23 football team coach

As a coach, I make sure that our young players eat right and train regularly. Getting children into the habit of exercising and being active gives them a better and healthier future.