One Goal joined the launch of a new grassroots football programme for kids by the Football Association of Singapore on 15 August. The Cubs Programme aims to encourage the message that "football is fun" to kids. Its goal is to get 5,000 more children to play football by the end of the year. 

According to a survey of primary schools carried out by the FAS in 2014, 47 percent or nearly one in two children want to play football. However, only 5.9 percent of boys, and 1.6 percent of girls actually get to do so.

The FAS wants to change this so that it can increase the playing base, as well as widen the talent pool for future national players. 

It also aims to provide opportunities for regular play and to provide structured quality coaching for boys and girls, according to their ages, between 6 and 9 years old.

At the same time, it aims to use football to teach kids essential life skills, promote a healthy lifestyle and instill positive character-building values such as good discipline, respect, tolerance and teamwork. The Cubs’ programme philosophy is to imbue good values, enhance character building and cultivate a habit of healthy lifestyle in children, while strengthening family and community bonds.

As a global movement with the goal for every child in Asia to enjoy good nutrition and access to sport, One Goal and World Vision joined FAS at the Cubs Programme launch carnival for kids with an interactive booth on the field. One Goal joins the Cubs Programme and its message that football is fun. We add that football is for everyone, and nutrition is for every child. One Goal with FAS, World Vision and partners aims to increase child participation in grassroots football in Singapore and bring nutrition education to young footballers, parents, and coaches. 

Executive Director of One Goal Stefan Germann says: "The FAS Cubs Programme will mean more children can participate in football and learn the importance of nutrition. One Goal is very excited about the future of this programme."


Photo: FAS on Facebook.