"A group of boys (were) playing on some astro turf. Running up and down. ...It was a scene you'd see anywhere... when I walked in, when you know you're in the middle of a refugee camp, and it's great to see these boys playing football without a care in the world." - Liam Cunningham

Liam's visit at Azraq Refugee Camp started at the pitch (built by One Goal and the Premier League) and continued to a kindergarten class and meeting youth and families.





More than 43 million people worldwide are now forcibly displaced as a result of conflict and persecution and more than 41% of them are children. Many of whom are alone and vulnerable.

Over 10,000 refugee children have disappeared since arriving in Europe. They are vulnerable to all sorts of abuse, including forced child labour and sex trafficking.

One Goal joins our partners at One Goal in advocating for the responsibility of world leaders to prioritise these children who are in desperate need of protection.