At the World Vision Cup -- an event organised by World Vision, a One Goal partner -- youth from 13 countries met in Recife, Brazil before the 2014 FIFA World Cup for their football tournament, and to engage in a global discussion about issues of violence in their own communities. 19-year-old Alex Foto represented her country Canada at the World Vision Cup. She shares her experience as a first-time footballer and how this sport proved collaboration to change the world is more than possible.


It was incredible how despite the language barriers and cultural differences, we were able to effectively work together to create the Letter of Recife which was later presented to a representative from the United Nations as well as members of government from Brazil. It was incredible how we worked together and created something so powerful to help kids just like us. Not only did we spark this amazing movement, but we also had a blast playing soccer!

The work that was done in Recife was only the beginning of a movement that is upon us.

Although there were varying skill levels, myself being one of the more inexperienced in soccer, true sportsmanship and love of the game shone through as we mixed up our countries to play in an unforgettable and fun-filled tournament. These games truly represented the ability for countries to collaborate and work towards something greater than ourselves, which at the end of the day is what will change the world. I am very honoured and proud to have been apart of such an amazing event. I also look forward to being able to share my experiences, as well as our letter, with members of my community in the hope that they will understand the importance of taking a stand to fight for a better future for youth in developing countries, and I believe the work that was done in Recife was only the beginning of a movement that is upon us.