In Kailali district, sport is an investment in total child-well being and community development

In Nepal, 10 secondary schools across the Kailali district initiated a new programme with One Goal last year to get boys and girls in the game enjoying and participating in the sport of football together. And through football, entire community would learn about the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 


More than 4,000 students in the 10 schools (ages 6-18) are enjoying the sport at their schools. Many girls in the district did not think they could ever play or be invited on the pitch with the boys. Football is helping girls and boys to see one another as teammates and helping to overcome issues of gender inequality at play and not welcome on the field. 


Learning about good health practices has also spread to 10,000 parents, teachers and community members who come out to watch and be part of the children's sporting activities and events. Now the entire community has a strengthened awareness of health and nutrition, specifically for children. One of the goals of the sporting project was to encourage kids to bring homemade healthier snacks to school instead of snacking on junk food items. 

Tribhuvan Higher Secondary School, one of the schools involved in the project, went on to win a district level football tournament involving 16 more schools at the SPA Ambition Cup 2015. Making football a school sport has invited more students to get involved which led them to winning the tournament.


Many partners are responsible for getting boys and girls in the game in Kailali: District Education Office, District Public Health Office, District Sports Council, mothers’ group, child club members, local radio broadcasting companies, local newspapers, local NGO partners such as Society for Sustainable Development (SSD), parents and community members. This proves that football is not only a sport that unites us, but also an initiative that requires all of us to work together. 

Mr. Chakra Kadayat, a teacher at another school, Siddhababa Secondary School, recorded this video sharing how the One Goal project has helped children at his school. 

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