So how does the 2015 AFC Asian Cup and its participating teams match-up against child nutrition?


Team with the most number of Asian Cup wins: Japan – 6 wins

Japan has one of the lowest child mortality rates of all AC2015 teams.

Teams with the most number of Asian Cup appearances: South Korea and Iran – each with 12 appearances

South Korea has one of the lowest percentages of under-five wasting (1%) of nations represented in AC2015.

Iran as the highest under-five mortality rate of all the teams in its group, Group C – 18 deaths per 1000 live births.

Only team making their Asian Cup premier: Palestine

Palestine has one of the highest rates of child chronic malnutrition of any AC2015 team, 11 out of 100 children under-five suffer from chronic malnutrition.

Number of teams who have won the Asian Cup once or multiple times before: 6

6 is the number of AC2015 teams whose nations have less than 5% of under-5 children suffering from wasting: China PR, Jordan, Kuwait, South Korea, Iran, North Korea

Number of teams hoping to make 2015 their first Asian Cup win: 10

10 is the number of teams whose nations lack available data to measure their progress against WHA malnutrition targets. It's hard to meet nutrition goals if you have no data.

Number of teams on course to show progress in the global nutrition target “no increase in childhood overweight”: 0.

Not a single AC2015 team is on course or has the data available to show progress against World Health Assembly global nutrition target "no increase in childhood overweight".

12 of 15 tournament wins are represented by these four teams: Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea

Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea

Lucky number 16

2015 is the 16th edition of the Asian Cup.

There are 16 qualifying teams.

All 16 AC2015 teams represent nations in the most malnourished region of the world.

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