May 2015 e-News

Did you know: Every year, 6.3 million children die from preventable causes, and malnutrition is an underlying cause in nearly half of all child deaths. 

This week, 4-11 May, is the Global Week of Action -- when millions of people across the globe will stand together to advocate for a better world for children. One Goal has joined the Global Week of Action with this important message to world leaders, governments, organisations, and the general public: Stop at nothing to zero child malnutrition. Zero hunger, zero stunting, zero children suffering from the lifetime effects of poor nutrition. If we are going to zero poverty in the next 15 years, we must eliminate childhood malnutrition. 

In this edition of One Goal e-News find out what you can do to take action against child malnutrition through the power of football.

One Goal

2015 and beyond: #StopAtNothing to zero child malnutrition

The year 2015 is a very special and critical year in global efforts to improve child wellbeing. The Millennium Development Goals come to an end and world leaders at the UN will discuss the next set of goals. With the celebrated progress made by the MDGs, discussions held this year will determine the level of commitment and support to end poverty by 2030.

That means now is the time to make our voice heard to make sure leaders deliver ambitious goals that will zero poverty in the next 15 years, 2015 and beyond, including zero preventable child deaths and zero child malnutrition. Now is the time for action.  What you can do to take action >>

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AFC Grassroots Day is 15 May to celebrate grassroots football as the basis of football development. See our website on the 15th for more information.

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