Vietnam: Mother Mui with her nine-month-old daughter Ha preparing cabbage to cook vegetable rice soup. Having learned about the link between malnutrition, increased risk of disease, and reduced mental and physical development Mui is determined for her daughter to grow up healthy. (Photo: Le Thiem Xuan/World Vision)

Nepal: Malnourished sisters Sabita (age 5) and Sita (age 2) in rural Nepal where the health and wellbeing of the girl child struggles to be a priority in a household of poverty and daily chores. Read Sabita's story. (Photo: Alina Shrestha/World Vision)

Cambodia: For brothers Sun Soa and Sun Sen, "what you find is what you eat". With no land for rice planting and little livelihood, their family's food consists of only some watery soup and rice to be shared among all siblings. (Photo: Anthony Luk/World Vision) 

Philippines: In the recovery of Typhoon Haiyan, these Women and Young Children Spaces set up by World Vision help keep child nutrition and health a priority. (Photo: Monalinda Cadiz/World Vision)

India: Mother Manisha drains homemade soymilk. In an area where malnutrition claims the lives of children on a daily basis, this new endeavour by World Vision India raises local chefs who prepare holistic, healthy, and nutritious food for children. Recipes are shared with mothers and volunteers who perform demonstrations in nearby villages. (Photo: Annila Harris/World Vision)

East Timor: "I think malnutrition means when children play in the dirt or don't eat enough," says Felizarda, whose baby girl Cipriana is 14 months old and malnourished. (Photo: Katie Chalk/World Vision)

Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, this mother feeds her child at a World Vision nutrition centre focused on helping teach mothers about child and maternal health. (Photo: Amio Ascension/World Vision)