What is grassroots football?

Grassroots football is about giving every child a chance to learn and develop football skills through organized football activities, matches, and coaching. The philosophy of grassroots football is that football is for everyone regardless of age, gender, religion, and ethnic or social background. 

What does grassroots football promote?

Grassroots football promotes the spirit of fair play, learning, and development for all children.

Why is grassroots football such an important concept?

Football can contribute to a child's development. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and fosters positive characteristics as they learn to embrace the spirit of fair play. Children are the future of football, and grassroots is the foundation of football giving all children the opportunity to play. Grassroots football supports the creation of the best environment for children to play football and to develop and nurture their skills. 

A healthy and active lifestyle–and participation in grassroots football activities—ensures good nutrition. In addition to the right diet, a healthy and active lifestyle as an adolescent and adult can ensure good nutrition and prevent over-nutrition, or obesity. In Asia, 16.5 million under-5 children are overweight and obese, this number is expected to rise to 23.1 million by 2025. It can be combatted with a healthy and active lifestyle participating in exercise and sport. 




AFC Grassroots Day, 15 May

The AFC declared the year 2013 AFC Grassroots Year to promote and strengthen the concept that grassroots is the foundation of football development. AFC Grassroots Day on 15 May has become an annual celebration where the AFC, AFC Member Nations, fans, and partners join in the promotion of Grassroots Football. 

One Goal and Grassroots Football

One Goal fully supports grassroots football activities as a way to engage all children with the message of nutrition and the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle now and later in life. 


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How can you support and promote #AFCgrassrootsday

Join 1.4 billion football fans in tackling child malnutrition in Asia through improved nutrition knowledge and practices, and promotion of a healthy lifestyle through exercise and sportJoin the One Goal movement.

Take the #OneGoalChallenge.

Football is for everyone. Now take the #OneGoalChallenge to support the concept that anyone can play, (and as our partners at F3 say) all you need is a ball. 

How to take the #OneGoalChallenge

  • Record a short video of you performing a football trick to support One Goal’s aim to leverage the power of football to tackle childhood malnutrition. “This is my #OneGoalChallenge”.
  • Post your video to social media with hashtag #OneGoalChallenge #AFCgrassrootsday
  • Challenge someone else to take up the #OneGoalChallenge by nominating them at the end of your video. “I #OneGoalChallenge you. You’re next!”

Host a One Goal Match Day.

A ‘One Goal Match Day’ is a fun and innovative way to link grassroots football activities and sport for children and nutrition training for youth and parents. One Goal Match Days get adolescents involved in grassroots football activities, encourage an active and healthy lifestyle through participation in football, and share the keys to good nutrition. A full guide on arranging a One Goal Match Day can be requested from mathilde@onegoal.asia