What the coalition means

40 global companies are committed to:

  • Reaching over 127 million women and children with improved nutrition every year by 2020
  • Targeting 99 members in Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) member countries by 2015

For the first time, the SUN Business Network has created a single business platform to improve nutrition, incorporating commitments made by 28 companies at the Nutrition for Growth Summit in June 2013.

The SUN Business Network multi-stakeholder partnership will assist 46 countries that are facing high levels of poverty and malnutrition. 

The Network aims to involve thousands of local and national companies and harness business expertise to improve nutrition globally.

Commitments by companies to date  

  • Using mobile technology to reach 3.5 million people with health information about nutrition and nutrition sensitive farming information
  • GSK pledged at the N4G summit to provide 400 million albendazole treatments by 2016
  • Reaching 6 million people through nutrition sensitive interventions such as improving access to clean water and adequate sanitation and hygiene
  • New ways of working with 577,000 smallholder farmers and SMEs to improve the fortification of their produce and improve their access to nutrition sensitive agricultural production
  • 79 million nutritious school- meals were distributed in 2012, SBN companies are committed to accounting for the number of nutritious school meals provided each year
  • 11 multi-stakeholder partnerships on nutrition
  • 13 National companies from Africa and Asia committed to scale up nutrition at the Nutrition for Growth Summit, through investing in new seed technology, fortified products, agricultural production and improved workforce nutrition policies
  • In Tanzania on January 15th, 2014, 70 national companies attended the launch of the SUN Business Network in Tanzania, agreeing to look at ways of working with Tanzania’a National Nutrition Strategy to achieve Tanzania’s goals to tackle under nutrition
  • The SUN Business Network aims to reach 99 member companies by 2015

From Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director and Chair of the SUN Lead Group

"Under-nutrition is a global problem – and it must be a global priority, not only for governments and international partners who work to tackle it, but also for businesses. By contributing its expertise and resources, and by increasing the availability of fortified foods and other products, the private sector is not only doing the right thing, it is doing the practical thing, for helping children reach their full potential strengthens the work force, in turn supporting the long-term growth of nations and corporations alike. I am delighted that Feike Sijbesma will lead this new effort to leverage the power of the private sector to benefit children all over the world.”

From Feike Sijbesma, CEO of Royal DSM, and Co-chair of the Advisory Group of the SUN Business Network

"As an advisory group of private sector leaders we are committed to expanding membership to 99 global companies by 2015, with each member pledging transparent and accountable commitments to reducing malnutrition. We aim to recruit globally, and include businesses from all sectors as malnutrition has a profound effect on economies. We look forward to reporting further progress as we continue to expand the network.”

See the press release from DSM: Business scales up action to combat global malnutrition