With this story, Bhaichung hit the nail on the head on why the One Goal campaign is an important initiative. “Football and India are losing out talent and potential due to poor nutrition,” he said at the Next Step 2014 Conference in New Delhi on 11 February. “Campaigns like this alone cannot change the situation – government, corporate, other organisations have to pull together to address this issue as critical.”

Bhaichung Bhutia, possibly the most recognized football face in a cricket-crazy nation was speaking as an ambassador of the One Goal campaign at the launch of the campaign in India.  As part of a media panel at the Next Step – sports for development conference hosted by Magic Bus India, he along with vice-captain of the Indian football team, Renedy Singh voiced their support to the One Goal campaign by releasing a nutrition report and signing the campaign ball.

Speaking on the same panel, Grenville Hopkinson, Social Franchising Director with One Goal introduced the campaign with the gathered media and said, “Asia is home to close to 200 million malnourished children.  The One Goal campaign is about tilting the balance in favour of these children leveraging the power of football.”

Bhaichung and Renedy also released a report put together by One Goal titled “Fuelling Asia’s Fooballers for the Future”.  The report calls for concerted action and investment from governments, corporations and all other actors in a context to ensure that children are well nourished and lead healthy lives filled with sports.  Explaining the report Regina Moench-Pfanner, Regional Director, GAIN Singapore said, "Nutrition is the linchpin for development and football not only amplifies the voice of all actors invoived and levels the playing field for children in India.”

One Goal campaign core partners DSM, GAIN and World Vision also shared the dias and expressed support for the campaign. 

Watch the Next Step 2014 livestream recording.