Hi, my name is Ari, I’m 11 years old and live with my mum and dad in Melbourne. Some of my hobbies include playing football and taking photos.

I think football is a great team sport as it’s not just a game, but something that brings everyone together. Also, you use your hands for most things like typing and playing piano, but with football, you get to use your feet, which are just as important.

My favourite football memory would be when my family travelled to Morocco last year, and I got to play football in the street with some kids in the village.

They were just playing and let me join in. We couldn’t talk because we didn’t speak the same language, but we didn’t need to because we were just playing football. It was a cool experience.

Recently, I went to a One Goal Football Challenge where people were playing football for a good cause. Below is my photo blog of the day:

The day started with a kicking challenge [penalty shoot-out]. You had five balls and a few minutes to score as many goals as possible from across the field. I like this photo as it sets up what is happening for the day.

This was the penalty shoot-out – Zane [pictured] is stopping a goal! I captured a mid-air shot with my camera, which is pretty cool.

The two winning teams of the penalty shoot-out then played a game of football against each other. This photo is of Karl, the One Goal Ambassador [and top street footballer] trying to tackle the ball off the opposition.

This is my favourite photo I took of the Football Challenge. There’s a big game going on in the background, but this captures a moment. I like how it’s “movie-esque”.

The game got really competitive! I think this is a great all-round action shot. There is a really complex tackle manoeuvre going on, and the photo sort of stops time.

You can see the One Goal Ambassador (Official Victory Panna Pro Karl Faraj) and his mad foot skills. He was very fast on the pitch and he’s great at tricks. I like how this photo is close to the action – you can see everyone’s faces concentrating.


This is near the end of the match, where everyone got serious. I like how this photo shows a goal being scored.

Football is a catalyst for change. Join One Goal in celebrating the world game and its power in bringing people together -- especially to tackle child malnutrition in Asia so the next generation of footballers have a sporting chance on the pitch and in life.