In two days Australia will host the 16th edition of the AFC Asian Cup (AC2015) -- the first time the Cup has been hosted outside of the Asian continent. As Asia's premier football tournament, and one of the most anticipated of international football tournaments, the Asian Cup brings together millions of football fans, uniting a region in passion for the world game. This year, broadcast alone of AC2015 matches is expected to reach a potential TV audience of 800 million people in 80 countries.

There is much to be gained from AC2015. Asia's top 16 teams gain the opportunity of a lifetime -- a chance to lift the Cup and become World Champions. For host country Australia, the Asian Cup brings an estimated national economic benefit of $23 million to the shores of the Socceroos. 


In the spirit of economic gain, this message too cannot be ignored: Investing in nutrition is good economics


The benefits of investing in nutrition by reducing chronic undernutrition are infinite. Better nourished children are less likely to be sick, are taller in adulthood, and have better cognitive skills. Taller individuals with better cognitive skills are more economically productive than their undernourished peers whose success at school is affected by lack of nutrition as a child. Also, those better nourished children are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases as an adult.  

As we cheer on our favourite team and watch our favourite players compete in what is promised to be a showmanship of Asia's top football talent, let us remember that football starts with nutrition. And nutrition is an investment with infinite economic gains. 


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