Phnom Penh Crown FC want to see that Cambodian children are healthy and energetic, giving them a sporting chance for their future. A lack of poor nutrition in the first 1000 days of life means that Cambodia's children won't have the chance to meet their full potential as healthy people but also as future footballers. 

In Cambodia, up to 40% of children under age-five are malnourished. 

Phnom Penh Crown FC players know that investing in nutrition is more than just good sense. It's sound economics.

"To win the competition, every good sport team must be mentally and physically healthy, strong and energetic, in addition to the team's great tactics and daily training. The right food and good nutrition is a fundamental contributor to this success", says Sokumpheak Kouch, striker for Phnom Penh FC.

Together with World Vision Cambodia's Child Health Now campaign, the football club is calling for government action to address the urgent issue of malnutrition through increased funding, and providing better coordination and leadership across sectors to increase the number of children who eat, play and live right.

Child Health Now is the global campaign from World Vision (a One Goal partner) that aims to shift the global political and health agenda in order to save the lives of millions of children who die from preventable causes.