World Health Day is an important day of the year celebrating achievements in global and public health and promoting the important actions to continue progress in health. One Goal invites you to take on a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle in celebrate of this World Health Day: Make a commitment—as a community, group, family, or personally—to healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 9 ways you can celebrate World Health Day this year by making a commitment to a healthy diet and learning about the foods you eat:

  1. Eat at least 5 different fruits and vegetables a day

  2. Try a healthy food you've never tasted before

  3. Avoid all food that comes in a package

  4. Challenge yourself to drink only water as your beverage of choice all day

  5. Learn a new healthy recipe from someone you know

  6. Ask someone in another generation or culture about what food s/he eats to stay healthy

  7. Pick one of your favorite foods and find out where all the ingredients come from

  8. Find out what the glycemic index is of your favorite food

  9. Plan today’s food consumption around your country's dietary recommendation 

Join us in making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle through one or more of the ways above. Then, express your commitment to a healthy diet by posting a photo of your chosen "way" with hashtag #OneGoalmovement. Together we can create an online movement this World Health Day of people committing to a healthy lifestyle, which is key to tackling malnutrition.

10. BONUS ACTION: Take the #OneGoalChallenge


Record a 6-30 second video of yourself demonstrating any sort of creative, fun or difficult trick with a football. Introduce yourself in the beginning of the video and your support for One Goal—the movement to end child malnutrition—and then, at the end of your video and trick, nominate 1-3 people you know to take up the challenge next. Post the video in social media and tag it with #OneGoalChallenge.

See who is already taking the #OneGoalChallenge.


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