10 blogs to follow on nutrition from researchers, experts, academics, and columnists.

Development Horizons

by Lawrence Haddad, director of Institute of Development Studies based in the UK. His posts focus on his research and thoughts on poverty, food security and malnutrition.

The Guardian: Nutrition and development

Top stories, videos, and blogs covering everything from economic rationale for investing in undernutrition to research on micronutrients to obesity in the developing world.

The Guardian: Malnutrition

More from The Guardian on malnutrition.

Asian Development Blog

The blog of Asian Development Bank investing in poverty eliminating programmes since 1966. Blog posts include conversational thoughts on nutrition and child health in Asia and the Pacific. 

The Hunger and Undernutrition Blog

Blog managed by Humanitas Global Development -- a Washington D.C. based international development agency. The Hunger-Undernutrition blog features contributors from various organizations writing to be a resource and empowerment tool in making undernutrition diseases and death an issue of the past. 

International Food Policy and Research Institute Blog

The blog of IFPRI -- a global research institute seeking sustainable solutions for ending poverty and hunger with posts from the most reputable names in nutrition and development.

Impatient Optimists: Nutrition

The blog of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation highlighting their work in the areas of nutrition and child and maternal health. 

Food Tank

Foodtank.com is a resource of curated content on agriculture, nutrition, and global food systems. A Chicago-based think tank, Food Tank highlights successes in agriculture and innovative ideas for alleviating hunger and poverty worldwide. 

Transform Nutrition

Transform Nutrition is a consortium of six partnering organizations led by the International Food Policy Research Institute using research-based evidence in addressing the issue of undernutrition globally. Their site offers thoughts and research that aim to change policy and inspire action. 

The Economist Feast and Famine Blog

For an economical perspective on matters relating to demography and development, including food production, nutrition, and public health.


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